The First Commandment - Liberation

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May 29, 2010
Hello all. Ive been making this series for a while, and I almost finally finished the first map. There was set to be ten levels (hence the name), but I just finished the first.

The series is about a Liutenant called Ildivar Bloodmoon who, after many days, has just arrived at his first mission: Free and help all the soldiers in the area named 'Booty Bay'.

The map is unprotected but thats fine with me. Please play and tell me how it went.

Its been updated with the quest suggestion.I have also added and changed some enemies.


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Feb 14, 2008
dont worry about it lego

to add quests, go under Triggers.
first make the event "time elapsed is .01"
and make an action called "create quest" either optional or primary. the only real difference between the two is the side of screen they are on.

you may want to use something besides (2), as this is a VERY big clue to it being a melee map. It will push a lot of people away.
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