The Cult of Scientology.

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Nov 22, 2004
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May 9, 2006
No wonder Tom Cruise acts so ecstatic, they drugged him and genetically modified his brain! :D

Okay seriously, this is creepy, and I saw in the website's news that scientology is being eerily silent to them. Do I smell a hacker, cover-up or even an assasination plan by scientology? The plot unfolds! Scientology: :twisted:
Sansui said:
hey scientology is the same as any other religion
but with much more sueing! Anyways he posted this in news proably because everyone on ytmnd is trying to google-bomb the sites so that it gets to the top results when you search "scientology" on google. Also 'cause the Chuch of Scientology International (CSI) is trying to sue ytmnd or something for using their logo and pictures on their site as some sort of copyright infringement. No news is said about it so I'm guessing they gave up on the subject. ytmnd still makes fun of scientology though.
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Jul 17, 2004
So this guy made it all up?

Thosen't everyone know that? Cause they have pictures about him on the walls..

So therefore they must know that the story is fake. :roll: Otherwise I think they aren't the most clever persons in the world.

And how about Tom Cruise? Is he a brainwashed spy for them? :lol:
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Aug 29, 2004
it all seems so bizzare, and incredibly stupidly unbelievable, that you have to think there must be something more than what we're hearing. I mean, tom cruise might not be the smartest guy in the world but you must be fairly cluey to survive as an actor; even he should be able to realise that the whole thing was jsut cooked up by a (bad) science-fiction writer to make money. Hubbard has absolutely no proof of anything; its just a bad novel that he has marketed as a religion and extorted people to make money. Some of the 'teachings' are so idiotic, such as feeding babies a honey/maize mixture (potentially fatal) rather than breastmilk (incredibly healthy)(i would drink it all the time if i could ;).

scientologists, YAFM's
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May 16, 2004
South Park makes an episode satirising Scientology and all of a sudden this whole Xenu rubbish is a fact.
I am a Scientologist and I have never heard of the bugger. Or space opera. Or any of that other crap.

Anyways, I know I have never been brain washed, or brain washed another.

So I can only say that those accusations are entirely baseless.