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The Crypt v2.17

Submitted by Sube2
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
This map is extremely easy to learn. Just type -help to learn how to play and it should be very easy from there. It is a very very simple game. But, the gameplay is extremely difficult if you are facing multiple players. Player 12 (Kings Army) sends out waves of units at you while you are in a free-for-all/Team play (Reds Choice) with all the other players. The matter of the game is who can control the game the best.

Everyone starts out with a Necromancer, this is the only unit you will start off with. The Necromancer has 3 spells and a spellbook that has summoning spells. Inside the spellbook there is an ability called Corrupt Soul. Use Corrupt Soul on Holy Souls or Tormented Souls. The Tormented Souls (Gold) are used to summon units (summoned units do not have an expiration timer). And the Holy spirits (lumber) are used for more advanced materials (so far, I will be updating this game very often!).

Create armies of summoned units and conquer the king and all the other players! Good Luck And have fun with this map!

My Friends/Clan Members have given me alot of credits on terrain work, gameplay styles, and the sound/SPEC FX used in this map.

The most Credits as far as terrain/SPEC FX goes I have gotten went to: Camera Fading/Sound FX, and the fact that when a unit dies, its corpse becomes permanent. This makes the game look and feel like a real demonic battlefield. With Footmen bodies all the way to giant abomination bodies, this makes the game enjoyable while having wars over a sea of bodies.

Also, all souls are placed randomly when the game starts, except for the souls at the graveyard (Center). Sorry For the excessive updating Feb 28th. I thought I had all the bugs worked out.. Seems to be 1 after another. Should be fine though.

Many have Said this is my best work, I hope the Hive Thinks so as well!

Version Log----
V1.13 Fixed Bugs
V1.17 Added Lives, Fixed bugs
V1.20 Forgot to add someone to Testers, Fixed Dark Warriors Free Summon bug.
V1.23 Fixed some bugs, moved Corrupt Soul ability outside of Spell book
V1.27 Moved some things Around, did some low maintanence.
V1.36 Added Modes
V1.41 Fixed Modes
V1.53 Added Life/Dark Warrior Options. Fixed Team/FFA options. Triple Checked everything. Hopefully this is the Final Bug Repair version. If so, there will be more versions with newer stuff coming out monthly. This map will not be forgotten, and will be updated!
V1.56 Added an Amazing Model created by Kitabake from Hiveworkshop.com
V1.59 Fixed Team Death Observer map sight bug!
V1.73 This version includes a new mode called Team DOmination. Play it to learn more! Press F9 and read the description on it!
V1.81 Fixed a huge amount of bugs i didn't see happening from V1.79!
V1.86 Fixed a no win bug, made color changers for Red/green teams. Made Point options for Domination mode!
V1.97 Added Capture The Flag Mode, fixed a huge bug that i am not going to mension because it may promote cheating.
v1.98 Fixed various bugs, again.. And added a sweet skin to Dark Warriors
v2.02 BUG AND BUG AGAIN! I finally got CTF working for good!
v2.11 Removed the beggining pic and added a -help command. Removed the skin.. (I kinda liked Necromancer better >.>) Added tons of items, and gave every unit a unique ability it can use out in the battle field. change some terrain around, and added some effects to make the game seem more like a demonic scenario. Hope this version is what people who play The Crypt were looking for!
v2.14 This version isn't as big as the last one, but it still has a few things added that you will probably notice, fixed a rare multiboard bug and the new version is presented by clan TTG
v2.17 Added a skin fixed a few tome problems

Currently Working on: Total War Mode.

This map Is Protected!

Undead, Necromancer, Warlock, Magic, Killing, Violent, Creepy, Scary, Bloody, New, Original, Clan TTG, Sube2, Awesome

The Crypt v2.17 (Map)

16:45, 26th Dec 2008 Rui: Fix the gameplay, it's boring, and so is the terrain. I'd rework the summon costs too. Fix the converting spells so they don't both active at same time.
  1. 16:45, 26th Dec 2008
    Fix the gameplay, it's boring, and so is the terrain. I'd rework the summon costs too. Fix the converting spells so they don't both active at same time.
  2. Sorenkj


    Oct 20, 2007
    I luuv dis map, its gr8 man... seriously i enjoyed playin, and ima get ma friend to host em on b.net :D


    terrain lookz gr8 :)
  3. Destroyer95


    Jul 28, 2008
    Cool map. Could u make an AI version? :D
  4. Sube2


    Jul 17, 2007
    StarCraft II Resources:
    i don't have a problem with that as long as you don't give yourself full credit, it would be nice if inthe loading screen you had Created by Sube2 as the title, then your name added the AI. and thank you :)