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The City Of Drugs GUIDE

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Level 10
Aug 25, 2004
Welcome to the « once in- The City of Drugs » map guide

The City Of Drugs is a very complex and challenging map. This guide will help you to learn the tricks and functions of the game.

Download this guide in .doc format

Download the map HERE

1. Introduction

2. Get started
2.1 Police Force
2.2 Mafia Gang
2.3 Drug Dealers

3. Shops
3.1 Car Shop
3.2 Weapon shop
3.3 Ability Shop
3.4 Armor Shop

4. Jobs
4.1 The Farm
4.2 Dancing
4.3 Cook

5. Other
5.1 Buy a house
5.2 Marry
5.3 Visit Casino
5.4 Demolish cars

1. Introduction

City Of Drugs is basically a 'Live A Life' map where you can be a citizen, join mafia gang, police force or become a drug dealer. You can buy houses, marry, have kinds, dance , be a farmer, be a cook, buy cars, units, go to prison, upgrade, build economy, deal drugs etc. The map is also fixed on the cooperative multiplayer. You will have a lot of fun visiting "The City Of Drugs" with your friends

2. Get started

The very first thing you have to do is to pick a hero. There are 3 basic heroes you can choose from.

White Male
White Female
Old Hag

Each hero has different basic abilities and skills. White Male is more of a fighter while Old Hag possesses very powerful abilities as “dead reincarnation” and possession. White Female is a balance between the two.


After you pick your hero, you will be able to join one of the 3 forces.

Police force
Mafia Gang
Drug Lords

Each force has unique units, abilities and gameplay features. To join the force, walk into the colored “circles of power” that are indicated in color on the minimap.


2.1 Police Force

Police force is the strongest force in the game. To join, enter the blue circle of power that is indicated blue on the minimap.


The greatest feature is that you can communicate with your teammates through the ingame radio chat. You can send messages to all police officers through typing the following commands:

-rep (report in team)
-in (reporting in)
-back (need backup)
-aff (affirmative)
-enemy (enemy spotted)
-pos (i'm in possition)
-neg (negative)
-storm (storm the front)
-rog (roger)
-pull (pull back)
-new (req. new orders)
-sup (req. supply drop)

Another great feature is the Police Ability pack. The most useful ability is to be able to call backup and instant teleportation. Read the description for more information.

You also can (and you should) try out for the commander position by typing:
-apply for commander
Police commander can order AirStrike, perform enemy scan, drop supplies, give attack orders and train unique units. Read ingame Quest Log [F9] for more information.


You will get promotion points for arresting criminals, killing hooligans, drug and mafia units. Type COD for more information.

There are also various quests and units that u can be trained and used. The units are trained in the Unit Centre


The quests can be found in the Headquarter.


Make sure to try “Bank Gold Transfer” and “Witness protection program”.


2.2 Mafia Gang

To join mafia gang, enter the red circle of power that is indicated in red on the minimap.


Mafia force will get points for killing everything that moves. Type COD for more information. Promotion levels are:

Al Capone

Use Ghetto structure train units and do quests.


The most useful quest will is probably Holdup but make sure that to check them all.

The fastest way to become rich is to rob the bank. Duuuh. Take out the guards, block the entrance from the backup, destroy the Vault and flee through the backdoor.



2.3 Drug Dealers

To join the mafia gang enter the pink circle of power that is indicated pink on the minimap.


First of all, you cant play Drug alone. If you are playing online, ask any mafia player to work for you.

To hire mafia, place two heroes next to each other, select the hero from the mafia gang, ask other player to select your hero and use Hire Mafia ability from your ability pack.


Now when mafia players are working for you, you can place an order from your ability pack. If any enemy units are killed inside the order radius, you will get extra points and extra gold.

Also use your order ability to take over the control points. Type –control to see the location of the control points.


Drug Force is all about dealing drugs. Here is a step by step guide to earn a lot of money:

1. Type COD to see how many respect you need to promote to the next level

2. Open your ability pack and press "drug running mission" to locate the shipyard

3. Go to the shipyard and step into the pink circle of power

4. Use "drug running mission" ability to generate drugs

TIP: clear your inventory and take 6 items at the time

5. Return to the pink circle of power at the drug base

6. Repeat these steps untill you get promoted

7. When you become a drug dealer, new abilities will be available in your ability pack. Go to the drug fields and generate "drug return point" from your ability pack. Now hire harvesters and harvest drugs


8. Hire a worker and build the unit center to recruit "girls” for easy money.


9. Sell drugs to junkies (type -sell drugs for more information)

TIP: Set your price as low as possible for more respect

10. From 300 respect and higher, you can do "drug transport" missions

3. Shops

There are various shops in The City Of Drugs that will help you to improve your performance.

3.1 Car Shop

Buy cars, repair cars, upgrade your engine, have fun.


3.2 Weapon shop

Melee weapons, ranged weapons, C4. You will find it all there.


3.3 Ability Shop

This is probably the shop where you will spend the most of your money. Buy abilities and use them in your Ability Pack.


3.4 Armor Shop

There are many different armor packs that can be used by your hero. Click on the item to use.


4. Jobs

If you are in need of cash, doing job is the fastest way to earn a fortune.

4.1 The Farm

Real job for real men. Collect potatoes and sell them to the farm. If the field is empty, buy a water element from the farm and spray the water to grow new potatoes. Every 25 potatoes you will get a cash bonus.


4.2 Dancing

There is nothing easier than dancing. Come to the bar from 21.00 to 12.00 and just move. Yes, all you need to do is to move on the dance floor.


4.3 Cook

Probably the hardest job to do, but when you get it, it’s worth it.

1. Use the Steal ability to take over the fireplace.

2. Enter the Blue circle of power to take an order.

3. Go to the shop, get the needed ingredients and bake it on the fireplace.

Example: Green Spices + Fish will give you Green Fish.

4. Place the fresh baked dish back into the Yellow circle of power before the timer expires.


5. Other

There are plenty of other things to do in The City Of Drugs

5.1 Buy a house

Buy a house, use your bed to heal, train unique units…


5.2 Marry

Marry other players, share houses and experience.


5.3 Visit Casino

Bet on the horses, use gambling machines.


5.4 Demolish cars

Just like in GTA. Crush your car to get some car junk money

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Level 2
Apr 12, 2007
It's a really good map but the main thing is people not understanding it and well, leaving or saying it's a bad map. Maybe you could add an optional tutorial when you join a job. Either cinematic or otherwise to help clear it up a bit, as well let's face it, most Wc3 players haven't looked in quest log for maps once.

About the different models, it's not really a big issue but if you did have time, it would seem a lot better with more choices, 3 heroes is fine but gets a bit boring once you've played it lots.
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Level 15
Dec 12, 2006
Maybe you could make a trigger, where, once a player enters the Police circle of power, you replace him with a "Police" hero. Give him some sort of "druggy" hero when he joins the Drug-dealers, and a "Mafia" thero for the Mafia. This will make them stand out a bit more... see my point? When they leave, revert them to a normal hero. ALSO, make more heroes. Variation didn't hurt anyone.
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