The Cave - RPG

Level 7
May 15, 2009
The Cave - RPG
By Glorn

TL;DR: A MASSIVE classic WC3 style, progression based RPG where heroes evolve as they level, loot is randomly generated, there are plenty of quests, lots of content, and dungeon mechanics; all while your kingdom is under siege, and you are on a quest to figure out why!

Starting off basic, and with few skills, you select from Melee, Ranged, and Caster. As your hero levels, you are able to select from an A or B path for your hero. As you level your newer heroes, they are also given A or B paths; which allow you to play additional roles. Players are able to purchase and allocated additional stat points and skill levels. In the end, there are/will be 7 tiers of hero, and 5 final forms for each class, with 10 abilities each. Heroes will cap at level 45-50.

Items are linked to specific slots, and each item type has a single specific stat (Heavy leggings have armor, light leggings have speed). All other stats are randomly rolled; and the number of stat rolls is based on rarity. There are 6 rarity tiers; with the highest tier removing the primary item buff and replacing it with a unique mod, such as life steal, increased buff duration, ect.

The World:
The primary hub is a castle, which is periodically attacked by evil monsters from a nearby cave. The world spirals outward from there in a series of regions. there are over 50 regions total. The entire game is scaled to 1/5 the standard size; so it is like playing on a 1200X1200 map. Content per level grows more dense with progression. The game is designed around exploration, and there is little hand holding when it comes to finding optional things. Dungeons are intended to be team events, but scale with player count, so can be solo’d, or attempted by groups of any size.

This goes with regions, but there are a lot of quests. Some are filler, some are optional, and some are a lot of fun and share stories of the various characters you will meet. By simply following all of the quests, you should be able progress without too much grinding. The quest density after early game is 3-4 quests per level.

End Game (Not yet complete)
Despite the massive amount of content that is required to reach end game; the end of the game is still far from the end. Once beaten, players are able to attempt heroic dungeons, partake in giant world raids, compete in a hero survival style of monster invasion; and complete additional “Repeatable/Generated” quests. Just because the story has ended, doesn’t mean the quality of loot has!

You can stay up-to-date on the discord: https:/

Final Version Info
The game is yet unfinished, despite having a lot of content. I am currently working on the final patch; which more more than double the gameplay time, and quintuple the end game content. There will be a complete bank wipe that comes with it; due to some structural issues that need to be addressed. April/May is my rough timeframe for that; with additional end game content being released afterwards.

Some Fan-Made Videos

Closed Beta Testing