Need help fixing the cave rpg

Level 1
Nov 28, 2019
Hey there guys. I recently started playing the cave RPG and Love it. I had a level 22 summoner and i was able to select him and hit the start icon to play

Since then iv upgraded my level 22 summoner to a level 22 sentry and now i cannot hit the start icon and my screen stats in black limbo without me joining the rest of the players on the map.

There has to be a way to salvage my game and character. Any help would help!
Level 7
May 15, 2009
Hey. Hmm, I have never heard of anyone having an issue like this. Hero selection is a 2 step process. You pick your hero from the load slot, and then, on the screen on the right which displays all of the other players in the game (their name, level, class) you have to hit "start" to spawn in to the game. This is so that players can repick. in 3.0 I will be re-working how banks save and load, and how the game handles various systems; allowing players to repick later in the game, and removing this 2-step verification.

If you are still having issues after double checking this; let me know. Most issues, I have a debug error message pop up for players; so if you werent getting a big red pop up; none of your information is being lost or mis-loaded; so that is a good sign.