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The capitol city 2

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Level 7
May 19, 2022
Welcome to the capitol city 2 first thanks to the original map developer so called bojanpet55 i dont know if you see this but thank you and your beautiful map for because it got me into the editor of this game so this is his map basically but with my changes here is the map original link: The Capital City
Now what's different in my version? Here is the map changes:
-players are 4 now instead of 12
-all gold mines contain around 90k gold
-300 food limit
-no upkeep
-corpse decay take longer
-all units cost 1 food
-all buildings can be placed anywhere in city tiles too

This is the general changes no terrain changes

Now into race changes:
Orcs: new unit: warlock/frostwolf rider

Humans: elite footman

Night elves: sentry/warden (ROC)


Sorry undead fans no new unit :/

A lot of balance changes have been made too most of them are game breaking and one last thing this map isn't made to be balanced its more like CNC games style this buffs are just how i see this units and how they should have been

Again thanks to bojanpet55 for this awesome map
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