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The Big Fellowship Quest V.4.5d

Submitted by emil23
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
I'm looking for new user whos interested into developing this map.


Select your hero and being your journey thought middle earth!! This map contains all events from three Lord of The Rings movies.Heroes which are available: Frodo,Sam,Merry,Pipin,Boromir,Gandalf,Aragorn,Legolas,Gimli, Boromir.
This map requires the use of teamwork. Do not be negative and work with other players to complete the map. This includes communication, and sharing items and gold with other players.
When picking skills it is recommended to pick the upgrade of your heal or self-heal ability when it becomes available which is normally at the 3rd and 5th levels of a character. If you choose an AoE ability, do NOT use it constantly. It will drain your mana and you will not have enough for your healing ability.


Sauron created the One Ring to control all countries of Middle Earth. But Isildur cut the ring from Saurons hand and took it for him self. The One Ring poisoned his spirit. Later he did get killed by orc troops and the ring was lost. Smeagol found it and he also took it for him self. His spirit has been corrupted, then he lost it to Bilbo who bequeathed it to Frodo. Frodo went to Rivendell, an elf city and the Middle-earth council decided to form the Fellowship of the Ring. Now the story goes on...

Everyone gets one revive per charakter so don't die two times else you are dead forever! Gameplay is simple, pick heal and other skills, heal yourself, team work with others.Kill monsters, orcs, be aware of bosses they have powerfull spells. The map also contains custom scenes and alternative story line of saving boromir at amon hen, LOTR voices,sounds,cutscenes and a lot of exclusive models.Sometimes in game you have to wait for others, its made like that because story has to be correct.Hobbits aren't weak so Don,t be afraid to play as them.

Additional informations

This map also has it's own Discord server all are welcome to join --------------------> Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers <-------- Remember that it's not only cteator who makes map but all people who help him at testing, report Bugs or suggest ideas at this server you can do it.This is also the only one fellowship map which is being updated in 2019

Credit list

  • Jhotam
  • HerrDave
  • konvan5
  • frozenknight
  • Nixsam
  • J-Woods,
  • DaveDave91
  • Ket
  • olofmoleman
  • Fingolfin
  • TheFrenchLeprechaun
  • Sellenisko
  • Strydhaizer
  • dhguardianes
  • LoDown
  • Mr.Goblin
  • Palaslayer
  • -Berz-
  • Raging Ent
  • Mumbis
  • PeeKay
  • Dalharukn
  • The Panda
  • ~Nightmare
  • PerditionsEdge
  • Buster
  • Random-Player
  • iristle
  • DarkChaplain
  • Zin-Creator
  • Borric
  • -=Emergenzy=-
  • JetFangInferno
  • Callahan
  • Tranquil
  • sunwarrior25
  • sPy
  • InfernalTater
  • Hermit
  • Movie music by composer Howard Shore
  • Sound effect and some models by Electronic Arts

Changelog 4.5c --> 4.5d

New features:
-rework of fargorn forest for merry and pipin and also isengard change a bit
-alternate isengard if merry and pipin dies then after helms deep heroes teleport with rohana rmy to isengard and they gotta kill saruman and uruks
-treebeard is now hero
-added self heal for legolas which is avilable only if ara and gim die
-added knockback for watcher, mountain trolls, and cave troll from moria. they got 33% chance to knock unit in air, unit lands away and gets stun for 4,5 seconds
-now lumber of players means how much lifes they have. you can share lumber via f11 however if you do it the player you share to WONT RECEIVE ANY LUMBER. And also it means now
-new model of rain of fire spell

Gameplay change:
-frodo or sam cannot trigger now kaza dum event, its to prevent hobbits rushing with ring to trigger it
-gollum at the maze will have 50% of hp if one of hobbits is dead
-added tool tips to some spells
-lowered mana cost of shadow fax,mount for theoden and eomer, aragorns bow, falme of arnor and anti boss skills
-changed amount available of slippers and regen rings in lorien shop to 1
-Easy mode changes: if you pick it all heroes start with lvl 3, also there is higher break beetwen heroes revive, also at the easy mode there is no special ending of game.
-removed chance of any symbol/book drop from destroyable rocks in moria
-added a few rocks which block paths in frodo maze, they are basicaly here to inform if the way is closed or not like this frodo doesnt have to go all the way to end of maze to see if its closed or not
-changed the way game is triggered now after all enemy units + troll are dead heroes teleport away from balins tomb instantly, also u cannot go out of balin tomb no
-lowered vision of mountain trolls, changed their position a bit and added more troll poops
-since mana cost of gandalfs fire wall is smaller, the hp of uruks which needs to be killed for helms deep was buffed by 70 hit points
-removed watcher ability to summon 6 arms which can move, instead of i added 4 arms which spawn randomly in area near doors of druin and lake.
-removed normal bash from cave troll and mountains trolls also decreased cd of war stomp from 5 seconds to 3
-small buff for minas, also if white tree dies now then units of good force wont appear at black gate
-other minor changes might be included :smile: sadly i forgot to note all

Bug fix:
-fixed the bug where ents could kill saruman.
-fixed bug where eowyn could enter path of death

I'm looking for new user whos interested into developing this map.

The Big Fellowship Quest V.4.5d (Map)

Daffa the Mage
Too long as Awaiting Update. Substandard until the author updates and requested another review.
Please credit everything in the map thread description, sounds, music etc. from where they were taken from. [spoiler] Good ideas which need polishing. Approved. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R...
  1. emil23


    Jul 17, 2013
    What map are you making?
  2. babavoi


    Mar 20, 2019
    I would just like to make a map on the bfm2 games for my French community
    I'd just like to redo the same gameplay as a personalised game
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019