the basics of world editer

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Apr 28, 2007
there are some that might know how to use the world editer but. i know some stuff the reson i posted this is clase i remember that frist time i logged on to world edit about a month ago......but any way here are some of the basic sorry i dont know how to put the pics on here =( frist off we are going to talk about the palette this powerful littie tool is a big part of the world editer here we got your terrain/dooddad/units/regoin/camera lets start with the terrain palette this is where you can lower/rase terrain or even it out and pick tiles for you map now next in line we have dooddad palette this is on of my favertes clase you can place down doors and stuff in here we have brige & ramp/cinematic/cliff & terrain/environment/pathing blockers/props/strutures/trees & destructibles/water now let me talk about each of these brige and ramp is where you can place briges and ramps
cinemactic is where you can place stuff that adds a cinemactic touch to your maps
cliff and terrain is dose what it says you can place cliffs and places on the grownd
environment is to add a real life faver to your movies
pathing blockers havnt figerd out yet
props this is where you can place stuff to make you maps look good like bookcases lights stuff like that
strutures is where you can place buildings
trees and destructibles one of my faverte things this is where you can place gate/crates/ect if you can place it you can crush it in this catagoly:emote_laugh: and last and lest comes water i hardly ever use this one but i can tell you what its for you can place lily pads,fish,wrecked ships,seaweed,rollboats,ect now for the units this is easy
thay are undead,human,naga if xp is instaled,neutur,night elf, and orc here you can also choose teams red,bule,teal,purple,yellow,ornge,green,pink,gray,light bule,dark green, and the last you can get is brown and there is also neutarl ones
regoing is the next thing on the list this is where you can make it snow or even rain or porhaps a small rain shower last but not lest the camera wich i have no idea what it dose lmao:emote_laugh: well that about it for the pattle but we also got the object editer i love this its alsome here is where you can make any thing do any thing =D you can even make your units invicabule
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Jun 23, 2005
gwah sooo messy cant even read it. plz use enter or shorter sentences or something...
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Mar 30, 2007
Burned I REALLY cant read youre post LOL, dont blame his...rofl...Yes his post was messy but, geez..youre's is terrible.

Uhhh...Your's is not really that much better HeretoDLStuff.

Lol.. Don't be a hippocryt, hotlip's, maybe you should put more research into your help making before doing so.

Search around and make sure the topic is not covered. Use - Often and make it in sentence's


-Search around and make sure the topic is not covered

-Use - often and make it in sentences

-Blah blah blah

Use small paragraph's, dont over do them, people look at your paragraph from afar and go like "Gah, i ain't readin' that!". Keep your paragraph's 2-3 sentences, 4 sentences max.

This will make your tutorial more appealing and useful to the people who view it, also, make sure to use proper grammer and spelling.

Mis-spelling or diffuculty to understand or read will be a big negative on your tutorial.