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[Terrain] Request - C.H.S

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Level 6
Apr 16, 2011

C.H.S is a game where the goal and survive in arenas, facing challenges alone and eventually in team to kill boss, you can buy spells to survive, as the rounds you acquire more money and level.

Tileset: Dalaran Ruins:
-Dirt,Rough Dirt,Black Marble,Brick,Round Tiles,Grass,Square Tiles,Sand,Light Dirt,Small Bricks

Imported models:
-The use of imported models is free, the bilder can decide of the what to use.

The land bases on 6 small arenas and a base.

Each arena possesses a theme.(see the images),it owes if it seems with that, just a portal, free area for battle, without cliff and with a good spacing among arenas.

base should have space to add about 7 characters, a source, big but without being tight

It should also contain a space for 5 taverns on map

The map will be a remeke of this map:
you can be based to do the size of the arenas.

if you think can make a land similar to the described with quality enters in contact.


Not open for further replies.