Team Colored Shield

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White shield with TEAM COLOR using only ingame textures.
Well here I will post a brief introduction of how to make this attachment use properly the TC ingame. WITH OUT ANY TRIGGERS
The first thing is to create an item ability that can display correctly the shield model. I assumed that you have already imported my TC shield model.
  • Open object editor and go to abilities tab.
  • Go to Neutral Hostile/Units and select ability "Life Regeneration Aura"
  • Right click on selected ability and select create new custom ability (new name is not important, just remember it).
  • Select the new created ability and go to field (Stat-Item Ability) check it, and now the field will say TRUE.
  • Now clear all stats. For example set (Stat-Amount of hit points regenerated)=0
  • In field (Stats-Targets Allowed) uncheck everything and check "Self)
  • Now in field (Art-Target) select "Add model" now in the new window select "Import" and look for my shield model.
  • Finally in field (Art-Target Attachment Point 1) click on it and click "Add String", then type "hand" and enter. Again click "Add String" and type "right", enter enter.
The next step is to add this ability to a item. Just do it normally like when you add abilities to any item, don't forget to add the items "normal" abilities like +2 defense or +50 life.

The great thing about using this method is that every time your unit acquire the item the shield will display, and when the unit drops or looses the item the shield model will also disapear without a single Trigger involved. Shield color will also change if the unit controller changes.

This is the way I used to make my shield team color work. You can use any other method of your choice, most likely it will be more efficient than mine. :D

Right hand shield (Attachment point= "hand,right")
Left hand shield (Attachment point= "hand,left")

The right hand shield is the model, and the left hand shield is the portrait.

  • First submission
  • Normal white version (without TC) is here
  • Revamp texture to a more metallic one.
Give credit if you used, and do not redistribute or edit without my consent.

Special thanks to Mr. Goblin for his awesome Villager Skin for the villager man that I am using in the screenshot.

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Team Colored Shield (Model)

Team Colored Shield (Model)

22:33, 2nd Jan 2013 -Grendel: this just keeps getting better and better. MORE!




22:33, 2nd Jan 2013
-Grendel: this just keeps getting better and better. MORE!
Level 15
Feb 13, 2011
Thanks D1Vergent, Splub, kellym0, Direfury and wester for your comments.

permission to start adding a few polys? to make it look coral encrusted and old?, but still TC and the same un changed model?, only as ship wreck treasure?
Yes Kellym0 you have permision to add polies and rotated as needed. Just add me to your credit list and most important pass me the link of your map when its ready. I will love to see at least 1 of my models in action.

PS: I am planning to add the tier 3 shield Team Color version, and retexture most of the white amour set with this new texture I am using. Heheh but no coral encrusting in my plans. :thumbs_up: