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[TBC]Sunken Temple 0.3c

Submitted by DarcReaver
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
(official website)

UPDATE: 0.3c released.

For the changelog follow this link:


I'm searching for people who are willing to help me balancing the map. Message me via
via this email or our forum if you think you're suited for this task. :)


Hello everyone,

this is one map of my melee map add-on for Warcraft III Frozenthrone.

The map features original wc III melee games with the Humans, Orcs, Nightelves and Undead, and adds Bloodelves and Fel Orcs on top. The original races received NO changes.


The Fel Orcs and Bloodelves are of course based on normal WC III melee rules, which means that they have their own tech trees, casters, melee units, ranged units, flyers, unique weapon and ability techs, mixed over three main hall techings aswell as 4 unique heroes.

While they share some similarities with their "father races" Orcs and Humans, Bloodelves and Fel Orcs still play out very differently:

Bloodelf casters for example are much more focused on direct damage than Human, also their units are pretty strong, but slow to build and expensive.

Their unique element is the mixture of nightelvish archery and ranged combat with a lot of inbuilt combat-enhancing abilities, and strong base defenses. Also, most units profit from spell resistance - with each level of the armour tech their resistance to spell damage increases by 10%. On top of that several units receive mana shields, which can absorb damage.

(Bloodelf t1 base)

Fel Orcs on the other hand play out very agressively, with many melee units that can be enhanced by various auras and combat-skill increasing spells from their Rogue Shamans and Warlocks. With a full tech set they'll be a terrifying army to deal with if you're not prepared. They're also demonic, which means that they take damage from Spells like "Holy Light" and can heal faster on blighted ground.

(Fel Orc t1 base)

Their army is pretty mobile and very strong at harassing enemy camps. A good strategy is to permanently harass an enemy city while teching up to your own very strong tier 3 to unleash Slayer Cultists, Black Dragons and Hellbournes onto your enemies.

One of their unique gameplay elements is the strategic use of "demonic power", which can be used on several units for a gold- and lumbercost. With this Chaotic Invocation the unit will heal a bit faster when on blight, get some additional attackdamage and will attack faster than before. On top of that it will receive chaos damage! But this also comes at a cost: The unit looses its armourtech bonus, so it will be more vulnerable to enemy focus firing.

(a Mosher while in his Chaotic Invocation)

I have a reasonable focus on balance, and I regularely play this map in PvP, ranging from 1v1 to 3v3, and in general the gameplay of this version should be fluent and pretty balanced on the most part.

The maps

The maps include standard 1v1 ladder maps like Echo Isles and Secret Valley up to 3v3 and 4v4 maps. Some maps are vanilla, and others got a custom terrain set - for example there's a Sunken Ruins variation of Lost Temple or a Barrens Version of Upper Kingdom.

The map which I uploaded here is based on the well known Tourney map Lost Temple. The creep strength is identical to the original map, also the Terrain was changed so it does not alter the normal gameplay. Item drops are the same, too.

That's how it looks like now:

Current maplist on the full mappack:
2p maps:
Glacial Thaw
Eversong Forest
Bloodmoon Rock

4p maps:
Turtle Rock
Twisted Meadows
Sunken Temple
Tidewater Glades

6p maps:
Gnoll Wood
Timbermaw Hold

8p maps:



Direct download:


To play Bloodelves or Fel Orcs, you need to select Human or Orc pre game! I did this on purpose because of the sound ambience. It would sound strange if your Fel Orc base is attacked and a woman yells "Our sacred grove is being desecrated!"

For bug reports, spelling mistakes, balance feedback you may also contact me via email:

Good luck & have fun with The Burning Crusade
wishes you dArCReAvEr

Vermillion Edict

[TBC]Sunken Temple 0.3c (Map)

15:01, 3rd Apr 2013 Orcnet: nice additions to the standard melee race, map approved
  1. 15:01, 3rd Apr 2013
    Orcnet: nice additions to the standard melee race, map approved
  2. DarcReaver


    Mar 30, 2006
    New version release!
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2013