Co-author is Peacehagen. This model was made by request from him. He asked me to make a tauren model wielding 2 axes. The model is supposed to be a hero, a champion from the Tauren Warriors. The chains on the chest and back were mostly Peacehagen's idea. He asked me to do the execution part. ;-) Feel free to use the mode! Have fun with it! ;-)

EDIT 1: Changed death ant dissipate animation! The death anim is for some reason very slow in magos but applys reasonably well ingames. Dissipate works propery in both, as well as the portrait. Also replaced the spaces in the name with _. Hope it's better now!

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Tauren_Champion_Version_2 (Model)

Tauren_Champion_Version_2 (Model)

Frankster : Nice and interesting concept. Works in-game and performs well. Approved.




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Frankster :
Nice and interesting concept.
Works in-game and performs well.
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Nov 18, 2007
Interesting model.
There is one problem with the animation: Attack - 1HVar1 (he's cutting his leg with the left axe) (Apparently Akama likes cutting himself too) Stand - Var4 (he's placing the right axe in his face).
It would be nice if you added an attack animation with his left axe as well as he only uses it in his Spell animation.
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So what is the model's path for it to work right?
the death and dissipate anim have been changed, there is no need for that now

You're getting better at models, Markos. 3/5.
thanks, i'm trying to become better. The model Workshop is a good place to improve skills in modelling :wink:

An Instant 5/5 for making a Tauren i love taurens
anyways this is still cool!
I'm happy you guys like it too. Peacehagen requested it, due to the little number of tauren models on the hive. He said that we have so few, that's why he wants me to make a tauren model for the bright mass.

Awesome tauren model!! I've been waiting a long time for such a model! good job :)
glad to make something that's usefull for you :wink: