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Tales of the Sword Coast - A Real Time Strategy Roleplaying Map for Warcraft 3

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Aug 7, 2008
I was playing a lot lately. Not Warcraft, not video games at all, but good old board games, like Risk and Stratego. And I thought: "Hey, those board games are really cool. I wonder what would happen, if I'd combine them with my favourite fantasy universe, the Forgotten Realms. And what would happen if I'd do that in Warcraft? Would that be just another spawnbased strategy map?" First, I wasn't sure about that. But after I thought over it for a while, I was convinced that it wouldn't be a regular RTS map. And I'm going to tell you why. I present to you:

Idea by Grato

Picture (C) by Daniela Wolf


  • A unique mix of heroes and armies!
  • Conquer the Sword Coast as the Lord of a flourishing town!
  • Spawn based army system. Either improve your own spawns or hire mercenaries to quickly buff up your army!
  • Hire heroes to support your armies and fulfill quests, which help to boost your economy, your hero or your army!
  • Use mighty spells to wreak havoc upon your enemies!
Hero System

Although this is an RTS map, it wouldn't be a Forgotten Realms game if there weren't any heroes. So they play a major part here: Even though they don't actively fight in your battles, every class has it's own special abilities, which can aid you in achieving victory over an army or help you to beat a quest. Purchase useful items, and find mighty artifacts in dungeons, where only the foulest creatures dwell. The more quests your hero solves, the more villains he beats, the mightier he gets.
Hero Attributes

  • Quickness: Improves the moving speed of your hero
  • Attack: Improves the damage your hero inflicts upon your enemies with regular attacks
  • Defence: Decreases the damage your hero suffers from attacks and spells
  • Stamina: Increases the healthpoints of your hero
  • Dexterity: Increases your hero's attack speed and improves his chance to evade an attack
  • Intelligence: Increases your hero's mana
  • Willpower: Increases the regeneration of life and mana

  • The Fighter: A fierce warrior, who can use any kind of weapon to inflict a serious number of casualties to his enemies. He focusses on his strenght of arms rather, than on petty spellcasting
  • The Paladin: A holy fighter, who uses the force of his god to turn the undead and increase his allies fighting abilities
  • The Mage: A scholar, who weaves arcane spells to summon either creatures, who aid him in battle, or to unleash waves of destruction
  • The Ranger: An expert in ranged combat, the Ranger is familiar with any kind of ranged weapon. He enhances his attacks with nature magic and he has an animal companion who comes to his aid, whenever he wants
  • The Rogue: Adept in stealth, the Rogue usually sneaks past his enemies to avoid combat and stab them into the back. He can find traps, unlock doors, and is invaluable when it comes to lay ambushes
  • The Cleric: As the Paladin, the Cleric uses the powers of his god, but he uses them not for destruction, but for helping. A group of clerics can easily turn the tides of battle, when they step onto the field and chant a ressurection spell, to revive the brave fallen soldiers
  • The Bard: A master in illusion and tricking the enemy. With his songs, he can pacify the enemy, reduce their combat abilities or even make them flee in panic
  • The Druid: One with the nature, the druid can easily entangle whole groups of enemies, disabling them from moving. When he is forced into a fight, he resorts to a vast array of animal forms he can switch into, like a bear, a wolf or a swarm of bees.
Factions planned
  • Luskan: A city lead by five pirate captains. But the real rulers are the Arcane Brotherhood, which resides at the Host Tower of the Arcane.
  • Neverwinter: Jewel of the Swordcoast, and as some say, even the most civilized city in all of Faerûn.
  • Waterdeep: The most important and influental city in the North. Capital of the Lord's Alliance.
  • Mirabar: The richest town north of Waterdeep. Occupied by shield dwarves, who mine underground, and humans who dwell above.

This sounds like a huge project! Are you all alone?

Currently I am. But as my triggering skills are by far not as good as I would want them to be, I'm looking for a triggerer who wants to help me with the map. I am currently brainstorming more ideas and working on the terrain.
Current Status


Units, Buildings and Abilities: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

2% finished
Do you want feedback?

Sure, I always do!



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