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Tag map

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Level 9
Mar 27, 2009
Im helping some friends create a standard fare lame kodo tag remake, but aside from that fact...

We have run into 2 problems.

1: When turrets attack units from raised locations the units want to retaliate instead of attacking the entrance to the base.

2: The "baddies" (thoughtfully repackaged as zombies) will not attack the walls, Does this have something to do with the priority of the walls as to that of the structures? Is 1 a high priority or is 20? Also, what effect can aquisition range have on all of this?


Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Walls have near no agro. Ofcourse the zombies will attack them but a tower has far more agro.

Firstly, higher HP results in lower agro. Secondly higher DPS results in higher agro. Thus a unit like wall with huge HP and no attack will have nearly no agro at all so all units will focous much rather on the tower if the 2 are near each other. Only way to fix is to lower the wall HP to less than the tower, make it more attractive to them somehow else (find a way) or write a trigger which will make them attack when near walls.
Level 2
Aug 15, 2009
I would personally give the walls an attack that is 1 - 1, then remove it from the HUD (Whatever you call the thing at the bottom of the screen with buttons) so that the monsters will attack back when it attacks them, but it doesn't do enough damage to really make a difference.
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