"Swordsman of Middenheim" Empire of Sigmar

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Hello friends of hive I am new here in this wonderful web page, I bring you a model of "swordsman of middenheim" A unit of the empire of sigmar that I am creating for my mod of warhammer fantasy MOBA, that Manufacture this is my second model for my mod from warhammer, I put team color on his arms and he has animations of the reforged footman, enjoy it and don't forget to follow me

"Swordsman of Middenheim" Empire of Sigmar (Model)

"Swordsman of Middenheim" Empire of Sigmar Icon (Icon)

"Swordsman of Middenheim" Portrait (Model)

Level 9
Mar 16, 2013
Yes! More warhammer related models please!
Are you doing the Sigmars only?
Would love to see the Dark elves and Lizardmen from TWW2
Level 4
May 19, 2020
Great Amilkar from the spanish Fcbk community.
I insist, your custom models of geosets exported from the most varied games, if they are ever transformed to the HD Reforged version will be epic.
At this point, I only have a single note for this model, in Stand 1 there seems to be some lock in the animation's sync, this could be some Frame line that was inadvertently cut or some extra frame that was improperly added.