Super Smash Bros. War! Stories

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Aug 28, 2007
A few stories that explain how some of the characters came to be in the Super Smash Bros. world. There's only two right now, but more will be here soon.:grin:

Mario's Surprise

Mario strolled down the streets of Toad Town, his brother Luigi carrying several bags of groceries next to him. "Okay, I'll go home and drop off the groceries and meet you at Peach's castle", Luigi said walking towards the warp pipe that led to the Mario Bros. House. Mario continued to walk towards Peach's castle, saying hello to a few toads he walked past. He finally arrived at the door to the castle and went inside. "SURPRISE!!!" said came a loud shout from the main hall. Mario jumped in shock at this boom of voices. Hundreds of people were cramped in the main hall of Princess Peach's Castle and above the staircase hung a huge sign reading 'Happy Birthday Mario Bros!!!' When Luigi came in behind Mario a minute later the crowd yelled surpise again and Luigi jumped hiding behind his brother. Peach and Toadsworth came down to greet the brothers. "Welcome Master Mario, Master Luigi!", said Toadsworth. "Happy birthday!", said Peach, giving Mario a kiss on the cheek. Mario blushed. "Let's get this party started!!!", yelled Toad.

The party had all sorts of people talking, eating, drinking, singing, and dancing. Lady Bow, Bootler, Mallow, Professor E. Gadd, Paula, Rawk Hawk, and even Sir Grodus of the X-Nauts. People from nearly every species Mario or Luigi had met were at the party from the tiny goombas to the snow-loving penguins. About an hour into the party, after the cake was eaten, the time to open presents came. "The red boxes are for the Great, Mario!", yelled Rawk Hawk. "The green for Luigi", said E. Gadd. Mario picked up a medium present, "This'a one is'a from..." 'BOOM!' Everyone looked towards the sound. "Me?", said the newly arrived Koopa King, Bowser. "And me?", said Bowser's son, Bowser Jr. "Bowser?!", Peach yelled in shock. "That's right my dear, Mario's going down on his birthday! Bwahahaha!", Bowser said triumphantly. "Your going to have to go through me!", yelled Mallow, stepping out in front of Mario. "And us!", shouted Grodus and his X-Nauts. "And me...", said Toad softly. " All of us!!!", said everyone else in the room. "Oh, really?", said a familiar voice. A magikoopa clad in blue robes and swirly glasses came from behind Bowser and his son. "Who're you?", said the brute O'Chunks. "KAMEK!!!!", yelled the magikoopa angrily. "It's just going to be the Koopas vs. the Mario Bros. now!", with that Kamek ripped open a portal and pulled Mario and Luigi into it flinging them into the dark rift; Bowser, Bowser Jr., and Kamek all followed them into the swirling darkness. "Princess, noooo!", yelled Toadsworth as Princess Peach ran for the portal and jumped in. Toadsworth ran to stop her, but the portal had closed right behind her. "Oh dear.....oh my....", said Toadsworth in a low voice.

The Triforce

"Well done boy, not many people could take on three darknuts at once. But Zelda is still mine", said Ganondorf. Link stood ready to fight now, taunting the King of Evil. "So be it, you ask for death. I am an honorable lord and will grant you your wish." Ganondorf flew down at Link, drawing his sword. Link and Ganondorf began to duel in the center of the throne room of Ganon's Tower, Zelda watching from a cage high above. "Link, shoot him with the light arrows!", yelled Zelda. "Silence girl", said Ganondorf clenching his fist, Zelda's lips were seemingly closed tightly shut. Taking this moment Ganondorf was distracted, Link pulled out his bow and shot a light arrow straight into the jewel on the evil king's forehead. "Urgh, nooo.... never again shall I.... I be held prisoner by sages or.... or.... murdered....ugh....", said Ganondorf. "Both of you... will be stuck..... with me....", the dying man said to the two other Triforce piece wielders. "I shall not die!!!", yelled Ganondorf showing the Triforce of Power on the back of his hand. The floor became a vortex, sucking Link and Zelda into the portal. Ganondorf laughed and stepped into the dark portal, pulling the arrow from his forehead, snapping it in half.
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Sep 9, 2007
I don't think Super Smash Bros. needs a story. It is a fun game that doesn't need a tonne of background to make it enjoyable. It is also childish so it doesn't need the serious features that are present in Mortal Kombat and Tekken. Your stories don't seem to fall in line with the style completely of each of the games they are from.

I in no way am trying to insult you. When I write fluff for Warhammer 40000, I have to be very careful not to write it in one of my styles. Even with this I still manage to show one of my styles, especially the style I used in Starch Master, my masterpiece story that will never be on this site as I do not want it to be stolen. I will probably write another story in this style, with a WarCraft theme or a Hive Workshop theme. I may even use users in it.