Sun Wukong

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The King has Arrived

• I got inspired by Grey Knight's Monkey King model and BaiyuGalan's Dota2 models for wc3, so i decided to improve Hive's Monkey King model...

• Special Thanks to Grey Knight!!


• Fixed all the errors and warnings found within the model and it's Portrait

• Improved some of the previous animations, also removed the unused ones as well

• Changed the weapon, legs, bracer, cloths and the skin textures and switched the weapon with a new version

• Added new animations for Boundless Strike [Q], Tree Dance [W], Primal Spring [D] and Wukong's Command [R]

• Added spell effects for Boundless Strike [Q] and Wukong's Command [R]

-What's next?

• New effects for jingu mastery (E) and Primal Spring [D]

• More ambient effects for Spell Throw, Spell two and Spell Channel animations

May update and also add more screenshots


BoundlessStrike (Model)

Sun Wukong (Model)

Sun Wukong_Portrait (Model)

Wukong'sCommand (Model)

General Frank
REJECT HUMANITY - BECOME MONKE! Great model with amazing use of in-game textures and great adapted animations. Additional effects are superb. Great job!
Level 2
Jul 23, 2019
Amazing model 🌟
Stand chanel It is my favorite animation, it adds the mystical touch to the character. Great work :D

General Frank

Model Moderator
Level 73
Nov 19, 2005
Excellent model idea, but the execution as of right now might need some work and I would ask you to fix the issues with it.

Please fix the following issues:
  • Geosets should only be referenced by one geoset animation.
  • Lot and lots of unused animation tracks that can be removed to save space.
You can refer to the issues here: Sanity Test