Submitting 5 versions of your map in 1 week? Cmon people...

Level 5
Jun 17, 2006
i won't name any specifics, but if you go to the first page of a certain subcategory of the maps sections you will see 4 versions of one map submitted within 5 days of each other. and it isn't like the author of this map is the first one to do something like this. there are way too many maps on this site, but the only reason for that is because a lot of people come out with "updates" every day and feel they need to submit a new version of their map.

people should not be submitting new versions of maps more than once a week. if they are then they're not really updating their maps, they're just changing a few minor things and calling it an update, and it's flooding the maps section with crap. submit one GOOD map and update it with REAL updates please.

if any site moderators are reading this, i propose a "one update per week" rule. that sounds more than fair to me, and it will keep the maps section clean and tidy.