Stormreaver Barracks / Beta Human Barracks

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In the Warcraft III Reign of Chaos beta, the Human Barracks had banners showing the symbol of the Stormreaver clan, instead of the symbol of Lordaeron.

My guess is that someone told the artist to use the banner of the blue nation from Warcraft II, but not the one with the lion, forgetting that Lordaeron isn't colored blue in that game. Since the artist didn't use the lion one (Azeroth), they picked the other blue one (Stormreaver).

This texture can be seen on the icon of the Barracks, that is still in the game:

Stormreaver Barracks / Beta Human Barracks (Texture)

I took a good look at it, and I remembered seeing the similar image from this website. It showed other banners in which never made it into retail.
Where did you find it?
This texture was the one used by the barracks in the beta of Warcraft III. The only difference from the release texture is the Stormreaver icon instead of the Lordaeron one. But textures have the unused eagle that seems to originate from the earlier variant you showed earlier
Did wherever you find that resource have other resources there too?
Of course, it's the Wc3 RoC Beta mpq. It has a lot of cool things that got cut from the release
Blizzard Entertainment (some that are here are from the beta, some of them are edits)