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Stone Tablet Bundle

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Originally made by blizzard and edited by Goblinounours, uploaded by me with his permission.

Air Rune Tablet (Icon)

Azshara Stone Tablet (Icon)

BTN_StoneTablet_Warlock_02 (Icon)

BTN_StoneTablet_Warlock_03 (Icon)

BTN_StoneTablet_Warlock_04 (Icon)

Earth Rune Tablet (Icon)

Fire Rune Tablet (Icon)

Gibberish Stone Tablet (Icon)

Hellfire Stone Tablet (Icon)

Nexus Stone Tablet (Icon)

Slime Stone Tablet (Icon)

Stone Tablet Blood (Icon)

Stone Tablets (Icon)

Water Rune Tablet (Icon)