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(star wars - single player) Illum Under Siege

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Level 14
Oct 6, 2008
This is my work in progress map for the Solo Mini-mapping contest #7.
Map will be uploaded at 26.05.
Be warned! The map is in alpha state where no leaks are fixed, only boss 1 is done. In the future weeks I will finish it but for now it's just an entry for the contest.

Illum under Siege
Created by: LordKoon
This map takes place 3000 years before the movies in the Old Republic.

Location - ILLUM
Ilum was an ice planet in the Unknown Regions, one of the main sources of the valuable
Adegan crystals used in the construction of Jedi lightsabers. Unlike the crystals of
other planets, the crystals of Ilum could produce green, blue, red, yellow, and violet
colored lightsaber crystals.

The perspective is set in the Republic heroes.
A few months after Revan's defeat at the Foundry the Emperor took controll over him
again. Now as Illum is surrounded by republic warships the grey jedi is the last of the
ground defence in the imperial main outpost on the planet.
- Playing with 2 heroes at the same time
- Jedi master Roj Drakas - tanky/dps jedi who sides with both dark and light sides in the time of need.
- Jedi Consular Shi'Le Kashin - a support/healer jedi who uses many ways to shield and reduce damage taken by even sacrificing herself.
- Original soundtrack and star wars sounds for best quality and ingame feeling of the enviroment.
- 3 killable bosses (demo version). For every boss there is a description of his abilities in the Quest menu. Make sure to read them if you find it too difficult.
- Small amount of items (demo version) including Force Boons (force boon is an item that empoweres jedi spells and abilities)
- Phase to phase boss combat.
- Warning - death is PERMANENT. Save is reccomended after each boss. For test purposes there will be ressurection orbs in the heroes at start. At the full release of the map they will be removed and will be gained via special events (assault on the camp, worker droids destroyed, secrets found, etc)

More information:
To complete the map you will have to use your skills timely. Without the aid of the
troopers there is no way to do that, and to aid them means to keep them alive.

  • [*]Advanced Sentry Tower - The_Silent
    [*]AntiGravityTarget - shamanyouranus
    [*]Clone Trooper/ Arc Trooper - Olof Moleman
    [*]Bed - chilla_killa
    [*]Workbot - Ket
    [*]kiste (metal box) - blacksebastian
    [*]Container - Epsilon
    [*]colored crystals - ???? (found them in TheUltimateTerrainingMap)
    [*]Glass Dome - Verdun
    [*]Droideka - Master Floppy Pants
    [*]Drydock - elunes_guardian
    [*]E-fence - ????
    [*]evilWaveEffect - sPy
    [*]first aid - Em!
    [*]heliport - satax
    [*]Instalation foundry - shamanyouranus
    [*]Jango Fett -
    [*]Jedi - low_kwaliti
    [*]Laboratory: electricity,acid,water - Scyty Dervish
    [*]LazerBlue - Illidan(evil)X
    [*]LazerRed - Illidan(evil)X
    [*]Blue Lazer Ray - Champara Bros
    [*]Mac_box(radiator) - Fingolfin
    [*]Console - Fingolfin
    [*]LightningSphere - PeeKay
    [*]Platform - Verdun
    [*]Prowler (spider tank) - anarchianbedlam
    [*]Rejuvination (holy particles)- MetalSonic
    [*]RepublicAssaultShip ruins - Olof Moleman
    [*]Revan - Nasrudin
    [*]RollingStorm(SFX) - DonDustin
    [*]SC2forcefield - Epsilon
    [*]Dwarf spider droid - Olof Moleman
    [*]Staff of sanctuary (SFX) - Jetfanginferno
    [*]Starcraft bridge - The_Silent
    [*]Starcraft gate - The_Silent
    [*]Stone Shield (SFX) - RetroSexual
    [*]TacticalConsole - xgm.ru
    [*]InstalationComputer - The_Silent
    [*]Cybernetic Arm - Fingolfin
    [*]TwiLek Female - SinisterX, Oinkerwinkle, Jigrael
    [*]Turbolazer - Olof Moleman
    [*]Zap Missle - Thrikodius
    [*]AyalaSecura - M0rbid
    [*]RevansPower - M0rbid
    [*]Stormtrooper - M0rbid
    [*]FORCE POWERS - LUCASARTS (xgm ripped)
    [*]orbital tile - inhuman89
    [*]tech cliff - inhuman89
    [*]tech buildings (dalaran buildings reskining) - M0rbid
    [*]Loading screen - RED BARON




Thread made by: SonofJay

map done till 3rd boss :
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Level 4
Jan 29, 2011
So i like Your Originality .. A love The Way You Put the doodads .:ogre_love: .. So Honestly I didn't play Starwars : Old Republic Anymore .. So I play Battle For Tatooine And Feel Like A Real Starwars :xxd: ..

So If You Want A Help Just For Terraining .. Just Visit Me! :xxd:
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