Stacking Evasion / Witcher Equipment System

Level 20
Jul 14, 2011
Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but i'll give it a try.

Before anything, I want to say that I ALREADY KNOW THAT EVASION DOESN'T STACK.

What I want is to make an ability with 7 levels, each one with 3% Evasion (Level 1 = 0 evasion), add the ability to the hero, and make the items increase by 3% the evasion (increasing the level of the ability via triggers) (The max chance would be 18 if the items only increase 1 level of the ability and max items to carry is 6, seems fair enough for me)

BUT (And here's the problem) I'm using The_Witcher system equipment. The items aren't really items, are abilities that a Dummy Unit has, and the effects that takes place in the dummy also takes place in the main hero... (I think that's the way it works) So, I don't know how to trigger the agility level increase.

I could use "A unit USES an item" (That's how items are equipped), but I wouldn't have a way to detect when a unit stops using it...

Any help around about this?