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SpiderMan Texture ...

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Level 31
Apr 17, 2009
Hello Hive,
I decided to try to make a texture again.
I was very sad because I'm very bad and don't really have a clue about shading.
I wanted to give up texturing, but now I faced it again and tried to learn from all the tutorials here. They're very good but I'm just untalented I think.
But I tried again to make a spider man texture.
After trying and epic failing by using the villager texture, now I used the blademaster.
I alphaed out many things, but the flag is still there anyway.
How can I remove it?
I tried to shade the trousers, but the result is not so good.
I still need to shade really. Please help me!
Don't say "Euhhh it's only recolouring". that's unconstructive, please tell me what to change.
There are holes at the neck because I alphad out the beard. Is there a way to fix it?
After long text here it is ...





Many Greets chilla_killa


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Level 16
Mar 8, 2009
You Choosed the wrong model to do this, m8.
The Blademaster model has the flag mesh in TC mode, so if you put alpha on it, you will only adding TC.
Also, if you remove the fangs, you will remove the base of the feets too because those uses the same texture. Also, the big mouth of the Blademaster doesnt looks like he has a mask.
Go over the MPQ and choose another model. Although you were ab experienced skinner, if the model isnt correct the skin can looks horrible.
Thats the whole idea, my friend.

Bye! ^^
Level 16
Mar 8, 2009
By modelling yes, but Hive will not accept a model with less than 75% changed.
So, or you make a fully new model, or you find another model to skin . Maybe Dionessist's Redeemer. Its has alpha over all the body except in hits chest. But the problem is that its has long hair and if you remove it, there will be a hole in the head. So, the best suggestion is to lucking for another idea, because spiderman looks impossible.
Cya! ^^
Level 13
Apr 15, 2008
Here you go... one Blademaster without his Flag ;3


  • HeroBladeMasterNoFlag.mdx
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