Spellbreaker Pack

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Based on: Spellbreaker and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo

More of my work you can find here: Edited and changed work of Ujimasa hojo by Ilya Alaric

If you yourself want use these models for own work or projects, you are absolutly free to do it.

Aliance Spellbreaker (Model)

Dalaran Elite SpellThief (Model)

Dalaran Elite SpellThief Blood Elf (Model)

Dalaran Elite SpellThief High Elf (Model)

Dalaran SpellThief (Model)

Dalaran SpellThief Blood Elf (Model)

Dalaran SpellThief High Elf (Model)

Stormwind Spellbreaker (Model)

Blood Elite SpellThief (Model)

Blood SpellThief V2 (Model)

KulTiras Spellbreaker (Model)

Lordearon Spellbreaker (Model)

Silvermoon Elite SpellThief (Model)

Silvermoon SpellThief (Model)

General Frank
Some simple and useful variations of the Spellbreaker based on the work of Ujimasa.
Level 7
Dec 27, 2016
For the Blood elves, why don't make the eyes glow like the priest and chaplain eyes?
Also you change the spell effects to green
Level 4
Aug 29, 2021
I really liked the models. Even if one day I make a map of those races I will try to use them. But do you think you could make a variation for the high elves because the ones I find are custom textures and I think that with some of the game they could work.
Level 4
Aug 29, 2021
thanks for create a spell breaker, with textures of the and game and not custom, thanks to that not i will that use textures custom if treatment of do a map with the high elves, in serious thanks.