[Spell Request] Sand Spell

Level 3
Apr 23, 2009
Hi, everyone! :)
Er, well, I was thinking about '2' spells, and if you can do at least one of them, I'll be very grateful. And if you can do both of them, I'll be even more happy and grateful. :D
Here they are:

Name:Quicksand[an ULT :)]
Shortcut: D
Effect(spell tooltip): When used in a enemy unit(only one), make him sink in a quicksand.
Level 1 - 350 damage . 2.0 seconds duration. 180 sec. cooldown. 175 Manacost.
Level 2 - 500 damage. 2.5 seconds duration. 150 sec. cooldown. 275 Manacost.
Level 3 - 650 damage. 3.0 seconds duration. 120 sec. cooldown. 375 Manacost.

Special Effect: Something like a real "quicksand". :D

Name: Sand In The Eyes
Hotkey: E
Effect: An aura that, when the hero is atacked, the unit that atacked has a chance to become blind for 3 seconds and make them miss 70% of their attacks.
Level 1 - 15% chance to becomes blind.
Level 2 - 22% chance to becomes blind.
Level 3 - 28% chance to becomes blind.
Level 4 - 35% chance to becomes blind.

Explaining, when a enemy unit atack the hero with this aura, the atacking unit has a chance to become blind for 3 seconds. During these 3 seconds, him will miss 70% of his attacks.
Special Effect: Maybe a 'sand aura' in the hero and involve the enemy unit affected with sand
Both in GUI, please xD

well, that's it.

thank you guys :)