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Spell Idea Request

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Level 9
Jul 10, 2011
Hey guys...

im working on an ORPG and the last thing to do is spells....the problem is that i have no ideas. :(

i need spell ideas for the following classes :

Tank (HP-reg Tank & Defense Tank )
Smasher (Stunner class)
Melee Fighter (Critter, Fast Attacker , Strong Attacker)
Healing & Buffer classes
Ranged classes (no magic)

just give me all your ideas you get/have for these classes :D every idea is needed. All ideas used will get +rep and a place in credits.

thanks in advance

greetz claptomanic


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
It would be alot easier if you told the real names of the class, if that is the real names i suggest you rename it.

since its very hard to make spells that fit if you only tell its a ranged class...

Natures wrath (tank ability)
launches a bolt of nature power on a target gives a highammout of threat and steal minor life.

if the tank is a human with a shield and a sword that ability wont suit at all
Level 9
Jul 10, 2011
there are 12 different tank classes, 12 smasher classes, 12 melee fighter classes, etc so nearly every spell you ost fits on at least one of the heroes.^^


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
oh ok i will give some spell ideas then

Totem of life
The <hero name> puts down a powerful totem increases all friendly units hp reg
Unleash water
Summons a bolt of water deals heavy damage to the selected target
Nether ray
The <hero name> uses all his energy to from a beam of nether it will damage all units within 300 of the targeted unit
burns a target dealing X damage every 3 seconds
Unholy mastery
When the <hero name> attack he got a X chance to launsh a death coil on a random target within 400
Soul burn
This powerful curse will put the targets soul into flames not only damage his health it damage his mana to.
Level 11
Aug 11, 2009
Here are some more, won't add icons though hehe ^^

Some Random Tank Abilities:
Rock Shield - Surrounds the caster with rocks which increases armor by X for 10 sec. Enemies that attack the caster while affected by Rock Shield has a 10% chance to get stunned for 2 sec.

Leeching Vines - Caster summons magical vines which strangles a targeted enemy, leeching its life energy every second for 5 seconds. The vines also limits the targets movement, reducing both attack and move speed by 20% through the duration.

Dark Vitality - Increases the casters Strength by X for 10 seconds. In addition everytime the caster is attacked or struck by an offensive spell he/she gains a stack of Shadow Power. When the 10 seconds has passed, the caster is healed for X health for every stack of Shadow Power he gained.


Might add some more later if you think these are ok :)
Level 11
Nov 15, 2007
That's a shitload of classes man. How many abilities are you going with per class? How much customization in skill tree investments and stuff? 60 classes with only 5 skills each might give some replay value for rerolling characters, but people will lose interest in playing a single character long-term, which defeats the purpose of an ORPG.

Anchor Swipe - Active
The Sea Monster will deal (x) damage in a (x) AOE. All units effected by the damage will be pushed back by (x).


Harden Skin - Passive
The Sea Monster will have a (x)% chance of activating harden skin. Decreasing all damage by (x)% including magic.


Tide Rip - Active
The Sea Monster throws a wave of water at an enemy dealing (x)% damage and decreasing the units chance of attacking by (x)% for (x) seconds.


(Ultimate) Fury Rage - Active
The Sea Monster will begin attacking (x)% faster with a bonus (x) damage for (x) seconds. Also during the duration of Fury Rage being activated. Harden skin will active for the same duration of Fury Rage.
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Level 12
Dec 20, 2011
For an archer since you have "ranged classes" in your heroes:

Soul Arrow - The *hero name* shoots a sharp-edged arrow, which contains the energy of his/her soul into it. Damages the targeted enemy by x. (Active)
Poisoned Arrows - The *hero name* adds poisonous substances in his/her arrow, making her attacks deal x poison damage, and x poison damage over time. Has a cooldown of x seconds.
Piercing Shot - The *hero name* uses his/her strength and accuracy, targeting the opponent's soft parts, or vital parts dealing x damage to the targeted enemy, adding a negative buff called 'Pierced' which makes the affected unit get minusx armor until this buff's effect is gone.
Level 19
Apr 10, 2010
I have some, ill be constantly updating it. Here:


Defender - STR (Footman Model)[r]


Raise Defenses - No Target
Raises the shield of the Defender. The hero would receive x percent damage reduction and nearby allies would get x percent damage reduction. Movement speed is reduced by x percent. Lasts x seconds.

Shield Bash - Unit Target
The Defender smashes his shield to the target unit. It deals x damage and x second/s stun. The caster drops his shield item. A shield item is needed for this.

Taunt - No Target
Taunts units within x of the Defender. They are forced to attack the Defender. Lasts x seconds.


Intervention - No Target
Sends out a holy light above the Defender. He takes 1 damage every attack he takes. Lasts x seconds.


Basher - STR (Mountain King Model)[r]


Mammoth Swing - Unit Target
The Basher does a heavy blow to the target unit. It knocks them back x units and stuns them x seconds after. Deals x damage.


Armor Break - Unit Target
Slams the target unit so hard that his armor is depleted. Gives x percent armor depletion for x seconds.


Ground Bashes - Channeling
Slams the ground multiple times. Ends when the caster deactivates the ability, mana is below 20% or if the caster is attacked. Deals x damage per slam. Slams also knockback them for x units. Consumes x mana per slam.

Thunder Conjure - No Target
The Basher calls a thunderbolt which hits his hammer. The hammer then is crashed to the ground. Deals x initial damage to nearby units and stuns them for x seconds.

Here are some spell ideas:

Slams the ground, dealing x damage to neabry enemy units and tunning them for x seconds.

Terrifying Scream
The <Hero Name> screams, parasiting the enemies for x seconds.

Acid Rain
Creates a rain of acid at a target area, dealing x damage per second to the neabry enemies for x seconds. The acid rain lasts in 10 seconds.

Fire Armor
Creates a shield of magic fire around the <Hero Name>. the attacking unit will burn, taking x damage per second for x seconds. Lasts in x seconds.

The <Hero Name> becomes invisible for x seconds. If the Hero attacks, he's no longer invisible.

True Vision
Views all the map for x seconds.

Increases <Hero Name> 's HP by 500, damage by 50 and defense by 8.
Level 7
Sep 9, 2007
Melee Fighter (Critter, Fast Attacker , Strong Attacker)

Crippling Poison - passive ability with 20% chance to poison the enemy. Slows opponents move and attack speed by 10% per stack. stacks 5 times.

Lethal Strike - A deadly blow which deals damage equal to 5x the casters Agility. Also applies a stack of crippling poison (see below)

Critical Strike - Passive ability 10% chance to deal double damage. If the enemy is affected by crippling poison then the chance to crit is increased by 5% per stack.

Tenacity - When cast on a friendly unit (or self) will provide 20% increased attack speed for 30 seconds.

Healing & Buffer classes

Grace - Heals a unit for an amount equal to (100 + 20% of the caster's current mana).

Inspiration - Buffs all friends within 500 with additional armour. The amount of intelligence the caster has will determine how many seconds the buff lasts for.
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