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A bag of spears, teamcolored and attachable to a unit's chest (will appear on the back).
Now whenever you decide to turn somebody into a spearthrower, they won't pull their spears out of their ass!

Update 9/05/12
--Re-uploaded the model. After seeing many of hiveworkshop's greatest resource developers leave, I decided to re-submit my resources after them being gone for over a year. I shouldn't have let my pride cause me to take my resources down so long ago. Anyway, I hope some people find use in this.

bag, spear, spears, attachment, potato, javelin

Spears (Model)

23:27, 9th Apr 2011 anarchianbedlam: useful attachment, works ingame, 'nuff said.




23:27, 9th Apr 2011
anarchianbedlam: useful attachment, works ingame, 'nuff said.
That is when you're looking at the spears in the enormous image. When you take a look at the in-game screenshots of what it's size would normally be, the color fits in perfectly fine.
And the colored portion of the spear isn't SUPPOSED To be metal... If it was supposed to look like iron or steel it wouldn't be teamcolored.
When judging this, you need to look at the IN-GAME SCREENSHOTS, as they more accurately represent how it looks in-game...
And, in-game, the teamcolor looks perfectly fine...
One of the keywords is potato because I like potatoes.
Also, I just updated the model again; no changes to the model except for the file size has been lowered by 0.12 KB
Other than the keyword being potato, what do you think of the model? Rate it, please. Rating isn't there for you to show you like a model by giving it a 5/5, it's there for me, the creator, to know how well I'm doing, so, even if you're going to rate it a 3/5, which would lower the average rating, I still want to know what you think of it.