Sparta - Modern Warfare (Require assistant)

Level 31
May 3, 2008
I need a good terrain maker, item maker and spell maker. I run out of idea of what item and spell should I had develop for this map.
As for terrain, I always make it too symmetry and this ain't what I want in this map.

Of course, if you are good with trigger. Maybe you can help me set up those spawn system in much better way.

Thus, I need somebody to help me and here is the explaination of what they should do.

Terrain Editor : Edit those area of dirt to look as if the battle took place at desert area. (Just edit dirt area only and add some doodad/destructible to make it look like desert)

Spell Editor : I need at least 4 custom spell for Spartan King and 5 custom spell for Spartan Commander, the spell must be based on the modern technology.

Item Editor : I need to had at least 4 item and the item must be based on modern warfare as well.

Ok, right now some of you might be wondering what the heck is this map about.


This map is a battle between Sparta and Persian, but the different is the battle took place at modern age and they used modern technology to fight against each other. I bet some of you might be wondering "WTF ???" :grin:

It consists of 3 mode and 5 level and the explaination for each mode is at bottom.

[COLOR="white"]Survivor Mode[/COLOR] : Survive the attack of Persian army until reinforcement arrive (1 Hour)

In survivor mode, you only had 1 life. If you die, the game is over and you can't leave your base area.

[COLOR="white"]War Mode[/COLOR] : Kill 20,000 Persian army in order to win. If Sparta lost 300 life or Spartan base destroy, the game is over.

In War Mode, if you or your allies hero die. 1 life would be deduct per death and if 300 life had been used or Spartan base destroy, the game is over.

King Xerxes can't be killed in this mode, you would just waste your hp if you go near him and can be consider 1 of the mode that took the longest time to play.

[COLOR="white"]Assassination Mode[/COLOR] : Kill King Xerxes and defense the Spartan Base.

In Assassination Mode, if you die. It would took 3 minutes to revive you and if Spartan base destroy, the game is over.

[COLOR="Green"]Uber God Mode [/COLOR]: Easiest Mode

Hp at 300%
Enemy hp 50%
Exp rate 100%

[COLOR="Blue"]Elite Fighter Mode[/COLOR] : Easy Mode

Hp at 150%
Enemy hp 100%
Exp rate 75%

[COLOR="Yellow"]Nightmare Mode[/COLOR] : Medium Mode

Hp at 100%
Enemy hp 200%
Exp rate 50%

[COLOR="Red"]Impossible Mode[/COLOR] : Hard

Hp at 75%
Enemy hp at 250%
Exp rate 25%

[COLOR="Purple"]Dine In Hell Mode [/COLOR]: Hardcore

Hp at 50%
Enemy hp at 300%
Exp rate 5%

Screenshot is currently at this spoiler below.
















If anybody volunteer, please tell me at here what you can do. I would send you a unprotect version of my map.

For those who want to test this map, there is a attachment below.
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