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300 Spartans

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300 March To Glory

In 480 BC the God King Xerxes sets his eyes upon the great Sparta. The great King Leonidas takes 300 of his best Spartans to hold off the 1 million Persians at the Hot Gates along with the help of Greek soldiers.
Character Information
The Immortal(s)-''They have served the dark will of Persian kings for 500 years...eyes as dark as night...teeth vile to fangs...souless...the personal gaurd to King Xerxes himself,the Persian warrior elite...the deadliest fighting force in all of Asia!...The immortals...''

Persian(s)-The standard warriors that Xerxes uses for battles. Armed with swords,shields,spear,sometimes claws.

Spartan(s)-''The ones descended from Hercules himself,taught never to retreat,never to surrender,taught that death on the battle field was the greatest glory he could achieve in his life...Spartans! The finest soldiers the world has ever known!'' Armed with sharp swords and shields. Use shields for defence.

Xerxes-The God King that commands millions and would kill any of his men to win.
Fighting System- Kill your enemies in slow motion like attacks.
Form a phalanx with your men.''A single weak spot and the phalanx shatters.''
Throw your spear from long range to impale your enemies!

There will be 2 types of games:
Classic-Like every other 300 map where it is 10 players vs 2 computers.
March To Glory-Campaign like game where you control one character from the movie in each map with amazing camera angles and gameplay.



More Coming Soon
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Apr 2, 2009
Yes, i like this map, it's fun and tactical ! can i mod it? well, people at our nation is playing it and i want to spread this map, creator is you of course, i will just modify something to suit our people's hobby !
if you agree plz send me your map via pm, thanks in advance !
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