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Souls of Chaos RPG!

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Level 10
Jan 28, 2009
Hello everybody, i have been working on this RPG map for months now and the terain is nearly complete. You can check out the screen-shots here http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/terrain-board-267/my-rpg-terrain-132548/

The features of the map will include tons of interaction between the player and NPCs.
You will be able to choose what you want to say and every answer could effect the story line in diffrent ways.
There will be diffrent story paths and altenate endings.

Also a equipment system where you can equip up to 5 pieces of armor, 2 rings, a amulet, and 2 weapons + carry 6 items in your inventory.

Highly detailed terrain with buildings you can enter/exit as well as a massive castle and creative dungeons and hunting areas.

A karma and fame score that can alter the way NPCs act and gain you rewards/punishments.

A unique combat system where you have to dodge attacks and move to stay alive.

4 schools of skills (Paladin, Mage, Rogue, Warrior) with skill trees and the option to mix and match your favorite spells and be whatever kind of fighter you want. (and no you wont be flipping through spellbooks every time you want to cast a spell)

So to make the production of map run as smooth as possible i have already completed 95% of the terrain and made most of the equipment system.

I want to keep the team small so im looking for 1 individual to create the triggers for the interactions between player and NPCs - This means you will be writing the story!

Requirments -
The person i choose must be willing to put this project befor all others.
Must be self motivated and fast worker! I dont expect anyone to finish in a day but story should be completed in less then 1 month.

You will need good knowledge of triggers as well as story writing skills.

Also MSN instant messager.
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