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Someone to do Gates

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Level 8
Jun 13, 2007
I have been working on a map called Crimson Valley for a while. It is a castle defense (kind of - think Helm's Deep plus a bit of LOTR and some Battleships), and is almost complete. There is only one thing that remains to be done.

The triggers for opening/closing the various gates in the map were made by me almost four years ago, when I was still teaching myself how to trigger. I would appreciate it if someone could replace the (opengate) and (closegate) text-based triggers I have now with a gate lever for each gate.

I could do this myself, but I have two other projects I'm working on, plus real life.

I don't think this will take long. Thanks in advance.

Whoever helps will have his/her name added to the credits.

Here is the map.


  • Crimson Valley.w3x
    250.5 KB · Views: 47
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Level 24
May 9, 2007
In the time you spent writing this, you could have made the gates.

There are tutorials widely available, and it is rather simple. None-the-less.

A Unit Is Attacked
If Attacked Unit = Level 025
Then Open Gate 003

Or, you can open all gates within an x region around the lever.
Level 6
Aug 13, 2008
here i did the gates as u requested. note; some of your triggers are completely useless and could be shorten. i also check for leaks but since it a relatively trigger less-intensive game there were none =). due to the uncertanty of the location of the levers i did what is a one way exit with the defender able to open them and close them when they more out. hovever if it isnt what u want feel free to move them about. in addition if u still need help u could call me =)
Hope u acess the hyperlink within the week else it be removed =(
p.s how did u do the attach file thingy
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