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Some Stuff

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This Is probly useless, but now that I went though the work of gathering it, I migh as well post it here.

3-Black Hole
4-Time Bomb
7-Burrow (duh)
8-Mutate ( I dont know if its called this, but its the abiltys zerglings have to turn into acid-self exploders)
9-Yamato Gun (Battlecruiser), saw that in the long gameplay a few times
10-Phasing Mode (Phase Prism), creates power grid like a pylon and allows you to warp units there, looks like a toggle on/off ability
11-Nuke (Ghost)
12-Stealth (Ghost)
13-Psionic Storm (Templar)
14-Planet Cracker

Units: (I have A feeling Ill miss alot of these, and Have to add more later)
1-Zergling (Zerg)
2-Reaper (Terran)
3-Battlecruiser (Terran)
4-Templar (Protoss)
5-Zealot (Protoss)
6-Immortal (Protoss)
7-Stalker (Protoss)
8-Siege Tank (Terran)
9-Marine (Terran)
10-Mothership (Protoss)
11-Mutated Zergling ( Banelings)(Zerg)
12-Nydus Worm (Zerg)
13-Colossus (Protoss)
14-Multalisks (Zerg)
15-Phoenix (Protoss)
16-Wrap Rays (Protoss)
I will edit this to add more sometime, but if You know of anything thats missing go ahead and tell me.
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Mar 24, 2007
Introducing The new terran RAPER jetpack trooper, with his molesting pistols of teh de4th he will lay the "beat down" on all enemies of the terrans.

Honestly guys, check your spelling please.
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