[SOLVED] Edited a model. Now it crashes WE.


I've recently edited this model (the Gurubashi one that looks like a Naga building).
I've removed the voodoo masks and marks so that it appears as a normal Sunken Ruins themed building. But after doing those, the model crashes WE every time I select it on the Art-Model File in the Object Editor.

I've removed the materials,geosets, geoset animations and bones attached to the masks and marks. Some broken traces of it might still be in the model. I can view it on magos just fine, but WE crashes.
Any help will be appreciated. Here's the model:


  • VoodooLoungeGurubashiEdited.mdx
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Level 12
Apr 30, 2018
Here you go.
There was a Geoset animation that referenced an invalid geoset, which could be the geoset of the masks\marks you removed.
You could use this: Sanity Test | HIVE for finding fatal errors in a model.
Edit: Sorry, uploaded the wrong file. Now it is fixed.


  • VoodooLoungeGurubashiEdited&Fixed.mdx
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