small question regarding orb of slow

Level 3
Mar 2, 2008
just a small question, how do you detect if the ability the orb has a chance to cast is used?

ie i have an orb ability with CtC chain lightning. how would i detect that the chain lightning fires off?
Level 36
Mar 5, 2008
make an ability that have bubb like endurance aura and set stats to 0.00 and applies only to"self" and edit buff in this case it will be"chain" and than sett the trigger as you whant 3x level of(lvl1) pcsive chain = 3% lvl2 is than 6% and lvl 3 is 9%

  • Events:
    • A unit is attacked
  • Conditions:
    • a unit have the specific buff of type(chain) and random integer betwen 1 and 100 less or equal to 3 x level of(Pasive chain) for triggering unit
  • Actions:
    • create 1 dummy for attacking unit at position of attacking unit facing default 270..
    • Add 1.5 experation timmer to last created unit
    • order last created unit to orc far sear chain lightning attacking unit
Im not in WE so the trigger is not correct, and it will probbably leak...