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Slayon (Priston Tale 2001)

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A model ripped from a game called 'Priston Tale' - an MMO that got released in the east in 2001 and the English beta following in 2004. The Priston Tale 1 community has a larger presence within private servers nowadays and is also the reason why I managed to get my hands on the files for this model from a website called 'Ragezone'. They've aided me on the forums to set me on the path of realizing it as a functional MDX file.

Recommended Editor Settings:
Art - Animation - Cast Backswing: 1.000
Art - Animation - Cast Point : 1.000
Combat - Attack 1(2) - Animation Backswing Point: 1.300 / 1.000
Combat - Attack 1(2) - Animation Damage Point: 0.700 / 1.000
Combat - Attack 1(2) - Cooldown Time: 2.000

Unit Soundset:

Some of these sounds require you to make a change to the unit within the Warcraft 3 Model Editor. There is a guide on this matter which is very easy to understand and accomplish.

Wc3 Tutorial - 3DSMax guidance and converting aid
Stefan. K - Texture guidance and aid
Biridius - Fixing animation names
Tillinghast - Polishing 'stand' animation, recalculated extents, added a collision shape and fixed the attachments

Members of the 'Ragezone - Priston Tale' Community - Basic beginning guidance and aid

Slayon (Priston Tale 2001) (Model)

Slayon - BTN & DISBTN (Icon)