Head Cutter Soundset (Priston Tale 1)

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Soundfiles from a game called 'Priston Tale' - an MMO that got released in the east in 2001 and the English beta following in 2004. The Priston Tale 1 community has a larger presence within private servers nowadays and is also the reason why I managed to get my hands on the sound files from a website called 'Ragezone'.

This soundset is part of 4 ported models I posted inside the 'ported section':


Head Cutter Attack (Sound)

Head Cutter Damage 1 (Sound)

Head Cutter Damage 2 (Sound)

Head Cutter Dead 1 (Sound)

Head Cutter Dead 2 (Sound)

Head Cutter Neutral 1 (Sound)

Head Cutter Neutral 2 (Sound)

Head Cutter Slam (Sound)

Head Cutter Slam (Animation Delay) (Sound)