Priston Tale ORPG

Level 2
Feb 21, 2008
hello this is my frist orpg :O. This story happend a long time ago. The faboulos warriors defend the Priston Tale Castle. The warriors did evrything they could do to defense the castle. But the evil forces took them and retreat after that... We need great warriors to defeat the evil forces. And i'm asking if someone can help me with triggers, terrain, Models... This ORPG will have evolution system.

Level 1 = Beginner
Level 10 = Can choose another class. Knight , Mage , Hunter
Level 30 = The knight will be White Knight , Wizard , Ranger.
Level 70 = Paladin , Archmage , Bow Master.

Thats all the jobs. And it will be 3 village that you need to go for get a job.
And if someone wants to join and help me with this project i will be glad. Then message me. In Hivework or MSN == Add [email protected] or send mail ^^