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Skin Error

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Level 3
May 8, 2008

I imported a Skin using the mpq master.

First, I made a folder Textures.
Then, I added the file Hero_Bloodelf.blp to the Textures folder.
After, I played the map and the Hero/Model Dissapeared!!

So how do I properly Import It?

(PS: I didn't know where to post this, but it's a about a Texture)
There are tutorials on how to correctly import skins, but I will just tell you now. What you need to do is check the skins path, this will be on the page that you downloaded it from. For this particular skin the path is textures\hero_bloodelf.blp. What you need to do is open the imports manager in map editor and import the file. Then double click the file in the import manager and put a check in the box that says "Use Custom Path." Then change the path to the correct one for the skin, Textures\Hero_Bloodelf.blp. Then just place the normal Blood Mage model in your map and he will just show up as a green and black checkered cube. But when you test the map he will show up properly with the custom skin you imported. Hope that helps.
If you want your skin to use a path, like Textures\"yourskinname".blp, you have to open it as a *.mdl using wordpad. It will show somehwere at the top of the document in quotations the path that your skin uses. Simply change that path to the path you desire. Make sure the path is exact, otherwise the model wont open. Also, you probably will have to do this everytime you edit a model.
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