Skeldritch, The Ancient Demon

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So I wanted to make a model from the Legend of Zelda series. One boss that popped in my brain was Skeldritch, from Spirit Tracks. I thought a towering skeleton would look pretty cool.

This is my first time animating anything. Please tell me any problems with the model.

Thanks to @Mister_Haudrauf and @GhostWolf for helping me create and fix this model.

Make sure to give me credit if you use him ;)

Icon made by @Zephyrius2412, big thanks to him!

1.0 Uploaded
1.1 Changed Portrait Talk animation
1.2 Added Armor and skeleton eyes.
1.3 Changed spine texture and connected geosets.
1.4 Added detailed team color helmet; Made by @Mister_Haudrauf. Redid the animations. reduced Geoset and Bone count.
1.5 Added Spell Throw Animation (Animated by @Mister_Haudrauf)
1.5.1 Added Death Sound
1.6 Added Birth Animation
1.7 Changed the back of the head so it doesn't reveal the two sides.+
1.8 Updated Death, Dissipate and Decay Flesh animations.
1.9 Updated Stand Animation.
2.0 Added Attack - 2 animation and updated some animations.
2.1 Added Stand Ready animation, changed "Decay Flesh' to "Decay" made geosets disappear properly. Added collision shapes.
2.1.1 Made Attack - 2 Non looping Added icons (by @Zephyrius2412 )

Skeldritch Fury (By @Zephyrius2412) (Icon)

Skeldritch Icon (By @Zephyrius2412) (Icon)

Skeldritch, The Ancient Demon (Model)

General Frank
A cool concept and an nice execution. Works in-game and performs well.

General Frank

Model Moderator
Level 71
Nov 19, 2005
Please fix the following flaws and errors:

- Attack - 2 should be non-looping and should return to the base location.

- You need to add collision shapes.

- You need to add a Stand Ready animation for the model to work properly.

- Either add a Decay Bone animation or rename your Decay Flesh animation to Decay and make the model properly disappear at the end of it.