Sisters of the Empire Autarch (Reforged)

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Autarchs are ranged assault spellcasters, can cast Exorcise, which reduces armor and revealed by your units. Can also learn Disruption Wave and Inspire.

Canoness Jacinda Peralejo had employed these spellcasters during the Siege of Epyrmeiya, when the hope of the Sisterhood is nearly lost when these spells have inspired their last charge. The Orcish defenses breach and the charging Sisterhood pours in and take the relics that belongs to Saint Rafaela of Telamon.

Update on 05/08/21: Replaced with red colors.

SOTE Autarch Icon (Icon)

SOTE Autarch Hair Diffuse (Texture)

SOTE Autarch Main Diffuse (Texture)

SOTE Cloak Main Diffuse (Texture)

SOTE Autarch Cloak ORM (Texture)

SOTE Autarch Main Emissive (Texture)