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[JASS] Single Player Anti-Cheat for Save Codes

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Level 10
Feb 7, 2005
Hey guys, sorry for starting a new topic if this has already been asked, but I searched through 10+ pages of topics and though I found stuff close to what I need, it didnt actually help, so I'm posting here.

I use Aceheart's save/load code


And so far it's worked pretty well, I'm making a single/multiplayer RPG, and I'd like it so you can save/load in either single or multiplayer. However, I dont want people to just cheat in order to get way overpowered heros. So what I need, is a code that detects when a player tries to cheat, or detects when a player tries to save with cheats on, and either ends the game or disables the save code.

I know how to disable single-player saving, but it kinda removes the point. it'd be too much of a hassle to have to keep starting over if you wanted to play solo.

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