Siege of Mountain Hammer Update!

Level 10
Oct 2, 2014
I know this might be the wrong forum to ask for this, but i need help importing a spell for the upcoming update.

You might have heard of this map, and if you have, you know the pains of moving your armies. The map requires large armies and coordinated movement so after years of searching, i found a spell that i like that can help in this cause by: Xonok

So i use the program, NewGen, to edit maps yet it wont let me import this spell. If i try to save the map after i imported the spell it'll say, Found Errors, Please Wait. And i don't know why, and since i can't seem to find a fix i am asking for your help.

So if anyone can only import the spell, and somehow send me the map, I'll give some Rep. and add you to the credits. (Even though those might seem like lame rewards, it's the best i got.)

The Update will include this new spell, reduced lag, a new spell for the Elven hero, and some changes to the units.


  • Siege of Mountain Hammer 1.7.w3x
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  • Group Control v1.04.w3x
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