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Shipwrecked Part 2

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Running Time: 8-10 Minutes
Recommended Music Level: 100%
Recommended Sound Level: 100%
Cinematic Thread

Shipwrecked - Part 2
Created by Total_Warrior. Original by player_72985

Cinematic Info
After James, Luther, and Captain Wallace are attacked on their ship, the new Naga leader's army starts its attack on land in order to destroy all life. This surprise war that is taking out cities and many lives leaves the humans with little time and options...

Below is a summary of player_72985's original series:

A captain's ship is destroyed in a fierce storm. His crew is savagely killed by sea creatures and he becomes shipwrecked. Jacob and his surviving companion Luther must find a way off the island.

The next day they are approached by Azrael, a cursed pirate in Naga form. He informs the two that evil sea giants will attack them at night and that he will come with help to fight them off. During the night, the creatures attack the camp and Azrael returns with the help of Pearl and other friendly creatures. A battle ensues and they are victorious. Jacob, Luther leave the island in a rowboat as Azrael and Pearl escort them. They are then attacked by a giant sea elemental that kills Azrael and Pearl while the other two escape.

5 days later, the two come across another island, much more dark and mysterious than the one before. They go ashore where they meet a shaman who tells them to see a local witch doctor for help. The witch doctor agrees to help them get to Kalimdor, but first asks the two to retrieve a stolen gem that if placed on top of a volcano, will open a portal letting demons out and taking over the world. They arrive at the volcano and defeat an evil man who stole the gem. The gem is restored and Jacob and Luther are given a ship and are shown the way to Kalimdor.

As they sail, they are captured by an evil mermaid and her minions. They are taken to a prison and are held until Orcs led by Thrall raid the prison, letting all the captives out. The evil mermaid flees and the captain and Luther meet up with two survivors of the shipwreck, first mate Jones and the engineer Hanson. The crew then leave together in a ship.

The crew reaches Cabernet Falls, Jacob and Luther's old home. The whole town has been destroyed. Jacob explains that is has been attacked when the crew left which explains their voyage in the beginning. They end up finding Azrael and Pearl at the scene, who fooled the sea creature into thinking it defeating them and followed it to the town. Pearl reveals that her evil sister Cordina created the creature and that she despises all land creatures, especially humans. Jacob's crew then leaves to their next destination.

As they sail, Azrael informs Jacob that a spy following Cordina has been killed near Bian'tor. They decide to set sail there. As they arrive at the city, it is under siege. They help the mayor Gaina Klouse fight off the creatures. They then gather Bian'tor's army and prepare for war. Meanwhile under water, Cordina has gathered her massive army in order to take over all land belonging to humans.

A great battle takes place as both armies clash and fight for countless hours. Jacob then faces Cordina alone and defeats her. Her army is then heavily weakened and retreats back into the ocean. Azrael promises Jacob that he and Pearl will do all they can do prevent another conflict from happening again.

the next morning, everyone gathers in the cathedral and Jacob finds his wife and 2 children inside. He, his family and friends all decide to start new lives in Bian'tor.




Models and Skins

Ultimate Terraining Map Contributors


James Horner
EA Games

Author's notes
This is part 2 of the series. Part 1 can be seen here.

It was 2 years ago when I released part 1 and was working on part 2. Unfortunately, I drifted away from modding Warcraft 3 until just recently now. I found all my project related stuff just sitting on my hard drive and USBs. So over the summer I've been picking up on what I can remember being able to do with the editor. When you watch this you might notice that the work quality kind of decreases as the last couple scenes were finished now. I really wanted to put this part out since I didn't want to redo it from scratch and I am going to complete the rest of the series by learning and using a better cinematic system with help from Hive's awesome community. I remember now how much I hate working with GUI and how buggy and broken it can be when you want to do something. I can now start fresh on part 3 which will be done properly with consistency.

shipwrecked, cinematic

Shipwrecked Part 2 (Map)

17:09, 22nd Jun 2015 Shadow Fury: The cinematic is set to needs fix based on Arad MNK's review with a rating of 2/5.




17:09, 22nd Jun 2015
Shadow Fury: The cinematic is set to needs fix based on Arad MNK's review with a rating of 2/5.
Level 17
Dec 11, 2014

Wow The Second Part is out! gonna watch this and give an Unofficial review.

EDIT:Arad MNK's Unofficial Review
Shipwrecked Part 2
by Total_Warrior
--Mini Review
Cameras, Cinematography and Story

The camera-working wasn't bad. at least it didn't go through doodads. but it sometime locked to one point for a long time.
The story wasn't anything special. just a Bunch of Nagas attacking the kingdom and the defence. I Expected you would use James but you didn't. Hmmm....
The Cinematography wasn't great. At the point you showed the armies dead (scene 2) I Could see some Spell breakers (whatever you named them) dying without any attack. You tried to creat action, but you couldn't at least for me. At many points, there wasn't any music. When the Garithos guy was entering the temple, The smoke Supernaturally disappeared! and at the Point that garithos dude was Dying, you tried to make it Eye-candy, But you failed. it was pretty bad. only some effects and then Garithos dying? Couldn't you show a Close-up of him? Also, The stroy didn't end at a Strategic point.

Terrain & Aesthetics:

Well, at First the city wasn't really good. just a bunch of houses. The second scene (outside the city) who there was a Fight, was completely empty. real bad point.
Also, the third scene (the palace or wathever) was pretty nice but the floor was real bad. I Could see sand between the tiles! I'm sure you don't want such a thing in a Palace right?
When that garithos man (I Couldn't memorize the name) was entering the temple, The terrain was All empty. I Think you should use some shells, stones and Plants around the beach, even the tile variation was bad.
The temple wasn't bad, not great either. you used DNC Model.
Again, the ocean frontline was empty. you really need to work on beaches. also, use some passive mobs around it. (e.g. Seagulls)

Your terrain was pretty bad lets say.


Your Description isn't really good. You Didn't even tell a single Word about the story. The only BB Code I found was Underline and URL. I Think you have to change your description a Bit. Check these out maybe:
This and This.

Total Score: 44/100

Fix all those Cons I Said. This map has enough potential.

44/ 100 = 2.2/5^ = 2/5; Vote for Needs fix/Awaiting update.

Alternate Map Submission Rules

EDIT 2: Changed the Interface of the review because I Used Sylvie's.Now it is Based on This.
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Thanks for the honest reviews, lads. I'll fix it up when I get home and reupload. That temple scene I can agree got fucked up. I was trying to work with dummy units and doodads for effects but for some reason they didn't show so I'll look into that. And the sounds wouldn't play either. I'll also fix up the terrain and camera work, description too.

I always meant for this part to be a filler kind of thing as I wanted the viewers to think that James had been missing for a long time.

I'll be making updates throughout the day(s), so I guess I'll PM y'all or something when it's ready for re-review.


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
5/5 and 2/5?

Something is very fishy here, I shall bring the verdict myself.


Map Name: Shipwrecked Part 2
Version: 1.0
Author: Total_Warrior

0 tile variation, close to 0 decoration objects. The city looked OK but the rest was pretty bad.


-The logic behind the whole thing got a huge flaw. Bringing down the leader doesn't usually solve problems. Another leader will rise. It's not like bringing down one leader will remove his minion's thirst for blood. Bringing down the leader will not change the reason they attacked the city in the first place. Maybe there is a reason behind their reasoning, but it's not explained in the cinematic unless I missed something.

-I also disliked how the general blindly trust a talking cloud. For all he knew it could have been the creature he was supposed to kill. Who would ever trust a stranger with his life, unless there literary was no other choice.

Generally a pretty dull story according to me.

Most of the content seemed pretty genetic to me, there was nothing that was sticking out. The talking smoke was a tad unique I suppose but that's about it.

Boring cinematic, I felt no tension at all. Good grammar which is a +, but the concept was lame so it didn't mater. The music was pretty decent though.

-missing map description in the map lobby and during the loadingscreen

Reviewed by[r]
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