Ship's Doctor Kul-Tiras HD

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In any crew of seamen it is impossible to do without a Ship's Doctor. These specialists perform many vital functions on the ship from preventing epidemics to treating the wounds of sailors after a battle. Although their duties are not much different from those of the same Priests, except that he is used to the sea and seasickness will not cause him to break down at the most inopportune moment. Often they can be found on land in other units performing tasks if there is an acute need for this.

Update 12.05.2020
- Passed "Sanity Test"
- Tweaked the brightness of the icons
P.S. On 9 may, the Sanity Test update was released in which added another test for useless keyframes, where the value of a keyframe is identical (or nearly identical) to the values of the surrounding keyframes. (which I didn't even know about)
In this regard, I have corrected these errors.

Update 09.05.2020
- Added an additional effect to the "Spell Attack" and "Stand Channel" animations"
- Renamed the "Spell" animation to "Spell Alternate"
- Added "Attacks" animation
- Added new icons

Update 08.05.2020
- Improved "Spell Attack" and "Stand Channel" animations
- Added animation "Spell"

Icon Ship's Doctor Kul-Tiras HD (Icon)

Ship's Doctor Kul-Tiras HD noTC (Model)

Ship's Doctor Kul-Tiras HD TC (Model)

General Frank
A well made model with great detail and great visuals.
Level 21
Feb 17, 2019
Level 21
Feb 17, 2019
Woah, this is great. I'm getting Innistrad or even Bloodborne vibes from this.
BTW, what about a version with a hood, so he isn't as locked into naval theme so much?
Thank you, the next model of the sorcerer with a hood.
It's really cool work. And something new is nice to see.:peasant-thumbs-up:
Could use a 2nd attack animation. I get that the default priest has only 1, but this is hd and tbh has a higher quality than the wc3 models.
I think the icon needs more love ;) it looks bad to me but the model is good
Thanks. Fixed!