Shandris With "Immersive Bow" and Hero Glow

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"I just don't understand the imagery of this... aggressively night elven woman.
In this flowy-ass aggressively darnassian dress.
With an Orcish Bow, just in the cut doin' the damn thing."

So the Base Bow is Canonical. I know, so what ever your question about this. My answer is the quotation up there.

I accept feedback tho. If you need the demi-hero version i'll upload it too. expect it here

-Uploaded a portrait for demi-hero ver (it's also the same portrait just renamed for importing convenience)

update: excess LODs deleted


Shandris With "Immersive Bow" and Hero Glow (Model)

Shandris With "Immersive Bow" Hero Glow Portrait (Model)

Shandris With "Immersive Bow" (Demi-Hero) (Model)

Shandris With "Immersive Bow" (Demi-Hero) Portrait (Model)

Mr Ogre man
Please, remove the LOD geosets to save filesize.