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SH v1.4 The Hunters

Submitted by [K40$]-Spectre
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Host map Arrange game

Update 4 released

Map: The Hunters
Background story: The Hunters is a hunting preserve owned and operated by Terran Wildlife Services. The Infested want to infest the population and the Void Predators want to 'purify' the place by killing all the Terran and Infested forces. While the Bionics protect the Terran in exchange for food and water supplies.

Map terrain image


The Hunters gameplay images


Starcraft Hybrids other maps:



Starcraft Hybrids general information

This is a new take on the traditional Starcraft races. The three races have been replaced by three hybrid races. Includes AI variations to make playing against computer more interesting. Includes sounds/voices from Starcraft 1, except for the music but you can easily find the playlists of Starcraft 1 music on youtube (for the full experience ;D).

This has nothing to do with the Hybrids in Starcraft 2. The Hybrids have an other (/new) story which will later be explained through a custom campaign.

Important! Only choose between Human (/Bionic), Orc (/Infested) or Undead (/Void Predators) for both you and AI players. AI does not function as it should when it has its race as Night Elf (Warcraft 3 bug).

SH Gameplay video (map: The Hunters, from V1.2b so a bit outdated):

Update logs

Update 4

* 3 new defensive/support buildings (1 for each race).
* The build time of Drones has been reduced from 9 to 7 to compensate for the worker lost when creating a building.
* Sunken- and Void Colonies now give supply too like non-upgraded Colonies.
* Shocker has a new ability: Blaster.
* Minions now have the Horror passive ability which decreases the combat effectiveness of nearby enemy ranged units.
* Top vs Bottom: the two expasion islands that are close to the starting locations of the players have been made a bit wider, so more room for structures.
* Top vs Bottom: center island (which a bit to the south) made a bit wider so it is easier to capture.
* Island Deluxe: improved terrain detail.
* The Hunters: fixed the victory conditions and defeat messages bug.

Update 3 Hotfix

* Hotfix Top vs Bottom (8 september): added Xel'naga Tower to Top vs Bottom, 'resources at the player start locations are removed for players that are not playing' is now properly working.
* Hotfix for Island Deluxe and Top vs Bottom (2 september): fixed the victory conditions and defeat messages

Update 3

* New island map for SH. More maps will come.
* Improved AI, more expanding and with a better economy. The AI variation that focusses on 'air' has been remade.
* Added terrain bonuses system.
* Option for player 1 to choose between easy, normal and insane AI.
* Option for player 1 to disable superweapons.
* New siege unit for Void Predators added: the Shocker.
* Some terrain improvements.
* Fixed Templar of the Void's and Spectral Archon's food cost (they were very high for some reason).
* Drones are now trained faster (from 12 to 9) compared to other workers to compensate for the Drone lost when creating a building.
* Void Predators buildings' mineral cost reduced to compensate for the Drone lost when creating a building.
* Rebuild improved alot, from 75 hp restore to 200 hp restore.
* Reaper faster movement (+30), weaker Sythe attack ability (from 40% to 30%).
* Broodlings have gained the Reflecting Carapace ability, rendering them immune to all effects.
* Void Walker now has Weaker Gravity Pull instead of the Templar of the Void (the Templar could not auto-cast it properly cause it is invisble).
* Dreadnought's area damage reduced.
* Increased the range of Dark Stream so it matches the range of the Darkling.
* Into the Void has a longer duration and improved effect.
* Voidwalk has a longer duration (from 20 to 30 seconds).
* Swarm Nest (from Mephit) damage increased from 4 to 6.
* Call Forces area of effect reduced from 250 to 200.
* Killing a neutral unit (e.g. an unit that is effected by the Chaos spell) won't give bounty anymore.
* Void Accumulator now has a proper birth animation.
* Enfeeblement Aura buff graphics changed, less noisy.
* Grim Ward less noisy.
* Buff for Nanobots fixed.

Update 2b (hotfix)

* camera zoom function (done)
* Plague Nuke destroys minerals (done/fixed)
* Infested Nuke Silo requirements fix (done)
* Dark Force -> Void Predators (done)
* Void Predators AI ability to expand improved (done)
* Darkstream more damage (done, 25% faster and damage from 4 to 6)
* Energy mass bigger and bigger area (done, +0,3 scale and +30 aoe)
* Bionic Marines Mark Target too strong effect (done, from -5 to -4)
* Darklings keep "tilting" when they move for some reason (done I think, slowed walk/run animation)
* Nightskin Ultralisk's tooltip didn't changed. (done/fixed)
* Undead at the lobby when you create a game still didn't changed (done/fixed)
* 1 Nightskin Ultralisk can kill a horde of zombies in 1 charge, coz 100 hp vs 100 damage. (done, now 80 damage)
* Hellflury Mech has melee combat sounds (done, removed weapon bash sound)
* Swarm Nest from mephits were useless. give them higher hp or something (done, +40 hp)
* Mephit's Swarm Nest ability creates the egg before the projectile even landed. (done/fixed)
* Templar of the Void's invisibility upgrade requirement (done/)
* Call Forces aoe reduced (done, from 300 to 250)
* buff for the Cavern of Void's mana regeneration aura (done)

Update 2 (to v1.2)

* Added a whole new hybrid race (Dark Force) with new AI (next update will give new AI to Bionic and Infested too)
* Superweapons! (AI builds and uses it too)
* The Bionic and Infested gained lots of new abilities and upgrades + longer tech tree
* Fatal error bug fixed
* Redone hotkey system, based off position icon on inteface now.
* Many abilities now cost mana instead of only having a cooldown (the cooldown is lowered though to let the abilities stay usefull).
* New worker abilities and upgrades, also different for each race now.
* Improved AI vs enemy towers
* Fixed bug that Abomination Fear ability also effects buildings.
* Fixed defeat messages about Neutral Victim.
* Fixed some repair times of various structures. Towers can be repaired a little faster.
* Fixed repair costs of Infested Worker and SCR (Bionic worker) so no more high gas costs for repairing them.
* Hellflurry Mech's have 30 hit points less and their second attacks only attacks air units now
* AI Dreadnought Hangar Bay ability has been nerved to compensate for full control for AI over Interceptors.
* Dreadnought's attack range reduced from 740 to 670
* Bacterian health increased from 35 to 50, stronger against Dreadnoughts
* Spore Turret has an improved Spores ability that also reduces the target's attack speed
* Aurochs now have 4 tranport slots instead of 3
* Broodmothers now have 8 tranport slots instead of 6
* Broodmother population cost decreased from 4 to 3
* Tier 2 ground-troop production buildings (Bionic Core, Plagued Enlargement and Cavern of Void) build time increased from 60 to 75.

Update 1 (to v1.1)

* New Starcraft 1 terrain tiles (by Stryderzero)
* Gas is mined faster, from +3 to +4
* Mineral mining is changed a bit, mining goes slower but workers can carry a bit more.
* Removed 1 mineral from starting positions. It is now more important to expand for minerals.
* Upgrade length is reduced by 33% except for general damage and armor upgrades
* Radiating Core (from Nucleair Pylon) damage reduced from 10 to 6
* Flesh Bomb shorter duration (from 30 to 20 seconds)
* Fixed Infested armor upgrade used for Infested Worker
* Fixed repair times for mechanical units
* Phantom's invisibility ability improved alot but damage reduced a bit
* Dreadnoughts (Bionic huge ship) aoe damage is reduced (from 70/40 to 35/20) and attack range is decreased a little bit
* Spitters (Infested long-range flyers) attack speed decreased, from 1.00 cooldown to 1.25
* The upgrades Electronic Pulse Attack and Salvage (for workers) are cheaper and length is reduced by ~40%.
* New armor icon

There are three playable races:
The Bionics - a combination of Terran and Protoss forces
The Infested - a merge between zergs and infested Terrans
The Void Predators - a merg between Zerg and Protoss

- Play with one of the three Hybrids races. Each race featuring an arsenal of new and unique units and structures.
- The focus is more on strategy than micro managment, like in Starcraft 1. Many abilities can be auto-cast or are passives, allowing you to focus on other important things. Also terrain bonuses. However there are still some units for you who like lots of micro management.
- The all new units and buildings enable entirely new defensive and offensive strategies.
- Many custom resources and Starcraft 1 sounds (even voices) have been used to give it that starcraft feeling, while staying under 8mb! So you can still play the map on battlenet and lan.

Not protected:
This map is not protected, you can modify, take things from it and hopefully learn from it. Do as you like.


Credit list (resources):

Blizzard for interface skin, tiles and images
Starcraft Interface Package by unwirklich
Starcraft tiles for Warcraft 3 made by Stryderzero
Urban Environment Pack Pt. 1 by Illidan(Evil)X and xXm0rpH3usXx

Protohydralisk By Afronight_76
The SC2 Marine By GhostThruster
Onslaught by Callahan
Goliath by Max666
Stalker by Fingolfin
RA2 YR Mastermind Tank By Misha
Probe by killst4r
SCV Final by killst4r
ZombieA.blp By Kazzo
Marine by Hellish Hybrid
F.R.E.D. By Thrikodius
ThunderLizardVizier.blp By FrIkY
Ocula by -Grendel
MountainGiant.blp by halo
Snipe Target Green by Tranquil
Brilliance by JetFangInferno
Protoss and Terran building icons by Frankster
Fusion Cannon by Thrikodius
Flamethrower Turret by The_Silent
Alien RepairDrone by Texture By M0rbid [Amigurumi]
Zerg Scourge by Kimberly
Demon Treant by Iyzz_Fryzz
orb_big03 by EdwardSwolenToe
Brilliance by JetFangInferno
Wraith by killst4r
Stargate by killst4r
Phoenix_Missile by JetFangInferno
Konstrukt_SubmachinegunMissile by Talon the Mage
LaserRay by Ergius
Cracked Cliff by Felz_09
Drone by Markus3832
Protoss Dark Templar by Norinrad
Zerg Lurker by Cavman
Mutalisk by Kimberly
Reaper by Gottfrei
Ultra by killst4r
SpawnOverlord anim by killst4r
Zerg buildings by ?? (pm me if you know)
SoulArmor by JesusHipster
RejuvenationTarget by Metal_Sonic
Arcane Explosion By Champara Bros
Bonestrike by Callahan
MagicShield by JesusHipster
Astral Imprisonment by exfyre
Stomp by nGy
ToxicField by UgoUgo
CloudOfFog by Callahan
FirstAid by Em!
Nuclear Explosion (no missile) by WILL THE ALMIGHTY
WC3 - UnitFX - Black Hole07 by Carrington2k
SkulborbByZerox by Zerox
Reach Trees (Red) by Fingolfin
Reach Trees small by Fingolfin

Special thanks to GhostThruster for portrait edits and loading screen.
And to Hiveworkshop members that gave me feedback!

starcraft, hybrid, hybrids, rts, protoss, zerg, terran, macro, ai, spectre, infested, bionic

SH v1.4 The Hunters (Map)

[img][c]Orcnet[c]20:44, 9th May 2013 Map Approved Starcraft Hybrids (No Version/s Stated) Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter [r][img][img][img][img][img][c]5/5[c]91-100[c]A Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter...
  1. [​IMG] Orcnet 20:44, 9th May 2013

    • Map Approved
    • Starcraft Hybrids (No Version/s Stated)

      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 5/5 91-100 A
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 4/5 81-90% B
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 3/5 75-80% C
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 2/5 70-74% D
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 1/5 50-69% F




      "Starcraft Hybrids" is a Altered Melee game based on a Starcraft™ genre but more of a twist and turns of species and tech power.

      "Modding the whole in-game materials of the game into a starcraft-like atmosphere is very impressing as well as observing some of the mechanics of its game play, the AI is also a helping hand in case you want to play this alone or in practice matters and its well good sharped visuals is remarkable."



      "The Terrain looks very thin in-shape but all thanks to your tile variations it gave way some color although I'm expecting doodads in a starcraft genre as well as bearing cliffs for strategic purposes."



      "Overall its a one neat game and so as the concept of it as whole, although you can give your quest menu some highlights explaining more about how to play, and your latest updates, or especially bug issues, overall this is a piece useful for starcraft players or beyond."

      Total Score:

      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 10/15 83% B
  2. Orcnet


    Jul 31, 2010
    map approved
  3. Lordul Dracula

    Lordul Dracula

    Mar 30, 2013
    gz man 5/5
  4. Davion24


    Apr 9, 2013
    Map is kinda small . but great work. nice models and game play style.
  5. Strydhaizer


    Feb 28, 2013
    nice man , very interesting 5/5!!!

    But its not a good idea on using terran marine's icon as armor icon (Based on your gameplay screenshots)
  6. Im2Litle


    Mar 26, 2013
    Great , nice models :3
  7. FLACC


    May 1, 2012
    Great game but this could be better if the map was bigger
  8. [K40$]-Spectre


    Aug 19, 2007
    Thanks all for feedback!

    @Stryderzero, ok I will, it is very easy to change it :)

    So should I make a second more bigger map for it? Some map variations would indeed be fun.

    I think it would be fun to remake a few Starcraft 1 maps. At the moment this map is the The Hunters from Starcraft 1 (a very popular one): http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/images/starcraft_hunters.jpg

    Do you guys have a suggestion of which map you would like to see?

    Before I will make a new maps though I want to do as much as gameplay/balancing updates as possible cause that saves alot of work when you only have to do it for 1 map. So if you see any bugs, balancing issues or want something new etc., please say so ;).
  9. Strydhaizer


    Feb 28, 2013
    I guess my tiles really fit to this map
    I made SC1 tiles last time, you REALLY NEED THEM :thumbs_up:

    Click "Workshop" @ My signature if you want to change you tilesets


    BTW I really expect a BATTLECRUISER with YAMATO :D
    Last edited: May 11, 2013
  10. Bloody Wolf

    Bloody Wolf

    May 23, 2011
    the map should be bigger but goddamn those models are perfect!
    Great job 4\5 because map is too small
  11. Reaper51


    Aug 24, 2009
    Good map, some balances things though.
    Carriers are OP, imo remove their aoe since they get interceptors.
    Long-Range Wyverns are also a bit too powerful.
    Gas needs to be mined much faster maybe +5 instead of +3. I got through the game with 20 workers in 1 base on minerals and 20 workers on gas over 4 expansions!
    Also upgrades take forever, even more than starcraft 1.

    Either than that, good map.
  12. arigorarigor


    Apr 11, 2010
    I want play zerg !
  13. Reaper51


    Aug 24, 2009
    Yes the 3rd race should be zerg-protoss, since others were protoss-terran and terran-zerg.
  14. [K40$]-Spectre


    Aug 19, 2007
    I forgot to add this in the description, will be added with the next update: Only choose between Human (/Bionic) and Orc (/Infested) for both you and AI players. Otherwise for you will get an ugly UI & not all the custom interface sounds. And for the AI it messes up the AI script. So in other words; do not choose undead, night elves or random.

    @Reaper51, good ideas, added to list

    @arigorarigor, I will see if have enough for space left and models, as Reaper51 pointed out a zerg-protoss race would fun. Cannot promise it, but I will definitely look into it.
  15. Reaper51


    Aug 24, 2009
    Also you should add the locust ability to the infested vines model thing so I don't get pissed at selecting them instead of the building.
  16. [K40$]-Spectre


    Aug 19, 2007
    I did that first, but than I could not remove them through triggers. For some reason locust units are not effected by "pick every units in unit group blabla" and than "remove picked unit". I will go ask in the forum and see what the problem is.

    -edit, I managed to fixed it. Fix will be in next update (or update 1), along with a number of other important balances and fixes. I have almost finished the update, probably will release it today.
    Last edited: May 12, 2013
  17. Doomfan64


    Apr 7, 2012
    Needs better balance. Combat goes by took quick. Yes, it went by quick in the original, but it sucked that way.
  18. [K40$]-Spectre


    Aug 19, 2007
    , that is a matter of taste. Some people liked it way Starcraft 1 and 2 does, some people liked it the way Warcraft 3 did. This map aims for a Starcraft (1) experience.

    Concerning the balance, are the specific things you noticed? Like a specific unit that is unbalanced? Or ability? I have almost finished the first update, that should balance and fix and number of important things.
  19. FLACC


    May 1, 2012
    Great new terrain it's the best. ya could make a campaign whit this.