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Searching a mapmaker to cooperate with

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Dec 29, 2013
Hello I'm Prorox and I am looking for people who can help me.

That's my idea:

I want to do a hero-fight/rpg map,

-> 2 Teams with 5 players at each team (+2 computer: for creeps)

Heroes: Heroes will have very individual skills different from normal warcraft 3 spells (see below: ice spread).

Map: The map is like an RPG map you walk around kill units for items and experience and go into dungeons(2 lv6/2 lv10/ 4 lv14 dungeons with different themes).
It's a very dark map (dark, snow forest+ sump) where you can lose your teammates in, wich makes it more dangerous and maybe scarry ^^.

Below: This is the kind of terrain im looking for... but im just bad at making terrain... just not creative enough /no talent :(


Aim: The aim is it to kill every hero of the enemy team. A Players Hero are can be revived by other players heroes.

I need help at:
-terrain (very necessary)
( -items

Below: Ice Spread spell of the hero lichking: it cages enemy unit in Ice-cages they have to destroy before getting out.


If anyone is interested, comment! :D


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