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Sep 9, 2014
Nov 2, 2013

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Sep 9, 2014
    1. Directive255
      are you interested in my project, UltraCraft Series? Are you a fan of GTA and C&C? Are you interested about the Hitler Rants Parodies?
    2. Go'el
      What do you need?
    3. Gaspar
      exactly, when im taking distance from doodad, it dissapear before camera limits, i think that happens with great size doodads. But u have a lot of giant doodads like ice pilars and they dont dissapear, why?
    4. APproject
      Hello. Does it disappear too early when camera is being dragged away from the doodad?
    5. Chaosy
      I am sorry. I am working on 2 of my own porjects + school.
    6. Gaspar
      do you have skype to talk about?
    7. Footman16
      What exactly do you have in mind for me to help with?
    8. Footman16
      The link doesn't work.
    9. Veritas 117
      Veritas 117
      I appreciate the offer, unfortunately I barely have the time to work on my own project, let alone another one. Good luck though, it looks quite nice and I hope you find some folks to help.
    10. Prorox
      you got skype? add me : Prorox3
    11. Prorox
      yes i did ... didnt understand the game xD
    12. Prorox
      Forgot to say: if you want you can also send me the demo map and i can see what its about.. it looks interesting, maybe i would join :)
    13. yeyoxcore
    14. yeyoxcore
      Claro que Podemos Colaborar Mutuamente, Pues No soy un pro en la Edición, pero me defiendo.
      Hago un poco de todo, tienes otra red para comunicarnos
    15. yeyoxcore
      Hola Gaspar, soy Yeyo y soy de Colombia, vi el vídeo que posteaste Elysium Chronicles, vi muchas cosas interesantes, me gustaria comunicarme contigo para intercambiar conocimientos acerca del war3 world editor.

      en cuanto a el proyecto, creo que deberías ampliar la descripción para saber mas acerca del mismo, un saludo y felicitaciones
    16. Hell_Master
      Oh I see then, also, its best if you would reply at my profile rather than yours because it will not notify me of your response. Click View Conversation below my post then there, comment and it will notify me. You could also refer yourself to the Site Rules as a starter.
    17. Gaspar
      haha, im from argentina, my name is gaston, so my friends call me gaspar. Similar to casper.
    18. Hell_Master
      Hello there, your user name is identical to my surname in real life which is also Gaspar but by the way, Welcome to the Hive and enjoy your stay!
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
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