Saurons Rising 2.1 Beta

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Sauron Rising 2.1 Beta
is the normal known Lord of the Rings Medieval, but i tried to make it look more realistic then the maps that are played right now.














-Dol Amroth
-The Fellowship
-Corsairs of Umbar
-Minas Morgul and Minas Arnor(Dol Guldur)

The Light Side is losing its power everyday.
The Dak Lord Sauron is the one to blame for this, but as you know he is not the one to make politics with.
So Frodo has the Quest to throw the Ring into Mount Doom, so Mordor and Minas Morgul will be punished and the Dark side has a loss of power.
Aragorn is subbmited to call the Armee of Death, if the Darkforces only set a foot into Minas Tirith.

-spawning timer
-leaderbord(i wanted to create a multib. but didn't get it work)
-wood spawn
-unit spawn
-Unique Items(20% of the number i want to create for now)

-olofmoleman(Sauron, Orthanc, Barad'dur, Saurons Mace, NazgulRider, Medieval Trebuchet - Models)
-Elenai(Gondor Shieldbearer Model)
-Pike(Legolas Model)
-Hueter(Gimli Skin, Aragorn Skin)
-soulreaver6(Assasin Model)
-Mc !(crystalsword Model)
-General Frank(Fel Orc Crossbowman, Orcish Spearthrower - Models)
-Daelin(Glaciar Aura Model)
-Dan van Ohllus(Archmage on Foot Model)
-Xelthyr(Hero Deathknight Model)
-kaycei(HorsebackArcher Model)
-HappyTauren(Human Archer)
-Cavman(Rostrodle Javeliner, Rostrodle Skirmisher - Models)
-Wyrwuulfe(HighElfArcher Model)
-Ket(Monk Model)
-Mr. Bob(Tudor Caracel Model)
-Illidan(Evil)X(Wall01, Woodwall - Models)
-Horn(Ravnica building Model)
-Radagast(Gandalf the Grey Model)

Update v2.1
-added Screenshots
-fixed some spelling mistaks
-fixed Leaderboard

Update v1.9-2.0
-minor balances
-minor Terraindebug
-startet to add new abilitys
-startet to change the descriptions of Items and Spells, so it looks better

Update v1.8
-Fixed all Ability Tooltipps
-Added new Abilitys
-balanced the Urukhais

Update v1.6-1.7(Major Update)
-Fangorn now can build towers
-2 New Heroes for Rohan and Isengard(Grishnak and Eómer)
-Isengard has a new Outpost
-Gandalf has new Ulti
-New Items
-Wyrms of Mordor for Mordor
-Fixes Spawntimer from 150 seconds to 180 seconds
-alot Terrain stuff

Update v1.5(Major Update)
-added new custom Loadingscreen
-added minimap Preview
-removed alot of the starting units, to reduce the filesize and the loadingtime
-improved the whole Terrain again

Update v1.4
-added more items
-increased the Terrain around Minas Tirith and Rohan
-reduced the filesize a bit

Update v1.3
-reduced the manalimit of the Keep from 750 to 450
-changed the missile from the Tower of Eternety
-debugged alot of Tooltips
-reduced the attackrange of all ranged units
-added a new unit, called Moria Goblin-Archer, for Minas Moria

Update v1.2
-improved some terrain
-debugged some unit names

Update v1.1
-fixed the lern to learn for the Abillitys ;)
-Some Icon and Name changes for some Units
-Some Terrain improves

Thx to all betatesters i played with; on lans, internet or Singletesters :)

Pls comment every bug and Tipps you have to me, so i can finish this map, being played by lots of you ;)

Lord, of, the, rings, medi, eval, sauron, rpg, chuck, norris

Saurons Rising 2.1 Beta (Map)

19:30, 3rd Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 9
May 23, 2009
Nice terrain.
The first thing i saw was the title and i like it.

Theres allot of LOTR some are good and some are bad.

So far this map seems unique enough and better then other LOTR maps.

But there is still space for improvement and i suggest the following:

-Improve the terrain.
-All the important char must have their custom icon.
-Put even more triggers

The Grapist
Alright testing it right now and i just saw a big typo:It's "learn" not "lern".
Edit: Why is Faramir a ranged unit? I always thought that hes a melee unit .And look at the screenshot, you really have to fix the terrain,but you said you're looking for a terrainer, so i guess that's not a problem. And maybe you should change the names, like "Keep" instead of "House of Health"


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When ur trying to learn an ability.

Haha this is because i am not that good in english.
Tomorrow i will fix this, because today i dont have any time^^
I will also add more custom Spells and Abillitys and other stuff.

Keep. Hmm this is an Idea.
I will think of it again.
Though there is still alot to work on, but i focused alot on the Battlefeeling, that really sucked in the past maps :)
Level 4
Aug 16, 2008
There's lots of The Lord of the Rings maps out there, all of them that I saw, are always incorrect in grammar and spelling, even the description is incorrect. Can't someone make a decent The Lord of the Rings map at all? Yours look great, but not so sure about the characters and storyline.
Level 4
Aug 16, 2008
VampireofBlood, have you even watched The Lord of the Rings or read the books? The story is the main thing you should have in your map, especially if it's a The Lord of the Rings map. It wouldn't be boring at all. You don't have to follow the whole story, but only have the character information correct.
Level 4
Jul 16, 2009
cool map, only mistake i found was the name on Aragorn and Gandalfs swords. when narsil was reforged it was renamed Anduril. and Gandalfs sword is named Glamdring. 4/5
Level 6
Oct 4, 2009
Aint too bad, could be better.

Most of those buildings looks nothing like from the movie, english is crap all the way long.
According to other Middle Earth thingies it's actually good, annoying this are with terrain, where sometimes you have a feeling this grass is a neverending meadow. It's yet another one where Frodo etc can't lose, or well, least aren't allowed to.
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As a member of the group Map Reviewers, I will be reviewing maps :

[+] Fun [+]
[+] Can last long [+]
[+] Huge map [+]
[-] Terrain [-]

I have tested this map multiple times and I think it's pretty decent, good job.

Rating : 3/5
Status : Approval

:) thx alot.
long time no speak.
i quitted mapping for some months now -.- just have no time cause i started to study illustrations.
but once i got a bit into it, i will deffenetly keep it up again.

to the terrain.
once i kept this map up again, i will show some badass terrain ;)
i promise, now that i know how to use all tricks^^